Telepathy with People

Exploring the Potential of Non Verbal Communication

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A  Remote Telepathic Communication with
Nathan Printer
Infant: Age 11 months
Communication session by request & agreement of Nathans' parents: Gemma & Jed Printer
Communication date: 10th November 2016
Communicator: Jane Summers

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Disclaimer & Session Agreement Signed by Gemma Printer

I confirm I am the/a Legal Guardian of the above/page one named person/baby - & that their care is my personal responsibility and I have requested a remotely practised telepathic communication session to be made with them by Jane Summers.  I understand the session will be undertaken in a similar manner to that of a professional remotely made telepathic animal communication but that the session is considered experimental in its nature by fact that the session is with intent to communicate telepathically with a non verbal person/baby and not an animal as is Jane Summers' regular professional practise. I acknowledge and confirm that Jane Summers will not be held responsible for any perceived contrary occurrence in relation to the timing of, or in connection to, the above made session either before, during or after the session timing, or in any time frame thereafter whatsoever.

I acknowledge that the nature of telepathic communication as practised as 'animal communication' is that it is conveyed as intuitive messages. Information received may therefore be interpreted in many varying ways; as messages, images, emotions, feelings, or analogies, etc. I understand that no guarantee is given to any particular issue being solved, fixed, corrected or cured from any  telepathic /animal communication consultation. Nor is any session with intent to diagnose or advise on health & medical matters. I am aware that Jane Summers is not a medical doctor or Vet and that telepathic/animal communication is not a replacement for medical care by a qualified health practitioner. I accept that any intuitive information conveyed in the course of a consultation is therefore just for my personal consideration.  I understand that Jane Summers reserves the right to decline or terminate any session arrangement or line of questioning if she deems necessary without recourse at any time.

A Key to Reading the Following Transcript

A remote telepathic communication transcript largely reads like a conversation between two individuals:
1)  The communicator
2)  The non-verbal infant
· The communicators’ words & thoughts are written in regular type - & without any brackets.
· The infants' intuited main responses are written in italics – without any brackets.

[.....] Words or sentences in square brackets:
Square bracketed words detail accompanying emotions, feelings, images, analogies or metaphors, which are intuitively received at the same time as the main response from the infant.

(.....) Words or sentences in round brackets:
Round bracketed words assist expression of the infants’ response.  They are used when the infants’ response may be better understood by the addition of such words.

The nature of telepathic communication is that the non-verbal responses,conveyed intuitively are not always to be taken as literally meant. Please therefore remain open to the potential of lateral meanings being intriguingly significant in their own right. Thank you.



 Please know all actual names have been changed.



Hello Nathan. My name is Jane, I work primarily as an animal communicator though am interested also in the potential of telepathic communication between infants prior to speaking (as Mummy and Daddy do..)..

[He images, and is conveying as laughing-baby-like; gurglingly, whilst sitting placed in a 'spring chair' (a baby chair of a bouncy nature by design; the like of which is common for babies to be placed in so to remain safe and comfortable). He is smiling and as if kicking his legs/heels bouncily against his 'spring/bounce chair'!
His hand(s)... as if fingers out, as if almost like on a trampoline mildly 'going with the bounce'.
A gurgle/chuckle noise is” Eeeeghhh-ooOOOooohhh-eeeerrrrHHHH.....AH!.(& the latter sound as if rising quite sharply in pronounciation & tone, though as a baby may  convey a string of sounds- & happily so, but which are not actual words).
And, he images again... a... Flap Hands. Bounce...Kick heels..gurgle/chuckle/smile....!]

Nathan, Mummy (Gemma) has some questions she has asked I convey to you, in this manner of connection -as I am doing right now. And, please, for you to convey your honest and fullest responses to... Are we ready to go?

[He smiles and 'kicks his heels' again, against the chair he's in; & now as if he were making a movement as if he were waiting for a vehicle  he were in, to move forward. As if he were in the front seat and one were jokily jerking their body in the mock simulation of their moving when the car does. And now, too, he is  almost rocking the 'car 'in consequence such is the exertion conveyed with this movement..]
Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Let's go...lets do it... [he now conveys. Though his 'voice' curiously sounding much as if he were an actor playing the 'part' of a child. And too, then, quite as if he were as such dressed up, in this 'child's suit', so to be 'playing along with the part'].

Thank you, Nathan. Nathan, Mummy tells me that she observes, that after you have had a bath, and you are being dried with a towel,- and or when you have your nappy changed (most of the time), you appear upset. Is this correct?

[He 'kicks the back of his heels again..]  I do..but its fun...its what 'babies do....

Well, thank you, yet, Nathan, Mummy(Gemma) believes that the reason for your being upset (when your nappy is changed & or you are being dried after a bath) is that you do not like being 'held down'- Is Mummy correct in thinking this?

[& as if by immediate response is conveyed a concept of “I have to give her the full baby experience..”]

Thank you, Nathan. What do you mean by 'the full baby experience'?

My mind is developed just now to embrace the silence that is my soul incased in 'baby' form as a human.  If I were to also be 'silent' in form as I am, the experience of 'baby' would not fully be realised.  Yet 'cries' of vocality are it seems still (to) be sorted [& the concept conveys, metaphorically, of a postal sorting pigeon-holed style arrangement..]- I  need to practise
vocalisation towards all sorts of differing emotions.  If I am to mute my cries, it is as such
'muting' my 'receiving and recognition equipment'. [& the concept,of tuning a sound, conveys. And that, until it reaches perfect pitch; base/against higher notes etc, turning, or adjusting the likely. And too, of the 'range' of emotions, similarly, and in that, if one were 'trying them on (for 'size') -or trying them out, that one would also, 'test them out' to see how they resonated and 'played out'].

Thank you, Nathan. However, the sounds which apparently you are practising, when Mummy (Gemma) is endeavouring to help you become warm and dry following a bath or nappy change, are unsettling to Mummy, as it appears you are upset, and she would like to ensure that your daily life and activities such as nappy changing and bathing and towelling are comfortable for you.  What can you say to this?

I cannot live and exist in this 'baby body' without 'trying out the controls' [he gives a smile and conveys with this as if one were playing with a 'Tiny Tears' type doll, for whom, upon instigating one 'action', then, initiated a 'set reaction' accordingly.]

Thank you, Nathan.  Well, what aspect of nappy changing triggers 'upset' vocality as opposed to 'laughter'?

It is synonymous with 'breeze..' 'exposure' ..'pressure'...and less than 'swaddling' sensation.  It is as such a ['stripping away] of all that is there, and this, in my form, triggers 'upset' emotions.

Thank you, Nathan.  Can you advise how ie nappy changing could convey a pleasanter experience for you?

[And by response, the concept of warm air, from a convector heater or gentle hair dryer conveys. But too, that, even if a room is of 'comfortable room temperature' or indeed 'warm', that,- of his feeling 'stripped away' from warmth/swaddling /immersion type experience ever- it is that the resulting sensation triggers his 'upset'  'button' as such ].

Thank you, Nathan.  Can you respond to Mummys enquiry however, that, 'is it the being 'held down' aspect of nappy changing, or towel drying, which 'upsets' you the most?

No. I love my Mummys care and caresses.  It is the 'bare-ness' of 'exposure' to 'air-less-than-swaddling' that triggers 'upset'. [& with this, the sense of a 'young' approach to 'tolerance' - of, ie, such a thing as 'cold/less than full warmth/exposure to new delicate skin, is conveyed.  That, indeed, as we, as 'weathered adults' can easily forget how significant the sensing and tactile registering 'new skin' is,  to varying degrees of climate/temperature and or fabrics or surfaces in touch with ones skin].

Thank you, Nathan. Nathan, Mummy (Gemma) has observed that, when the 'hoover' is switched on, and makes its noise, or if, another 'loud' noise occurs, that the sounds appear to scare you, Nathan. What can you tell me about how you feel towards these noises?

They are 'overwhelming' it seems to my ears.  [& again, the concept of 'new equipment'
metaphorically, conveys; as if, his 'new' ears are actually so finely tuned and functioning that , if they were a car, it would be akin to 'crunching the gears' on a brand new vehicle. That the jarring effect, is as such not aligned/in line with how 'best-he-operates' with his hearing, if, to be subjected to such a sound..]

Thank you, Nathan. Mummy, (Gemma) would like you to know that, even though the hoover makes such a noise, or if other noises occur, when you are in the house, or near to Mummy and Daddy, that, Mummy & Daddy, will ensure you are safe, Nathan, even so, all the time whenever they possibly can. And, that any loud noises, around the home, therefore are something for you to fully realise that although they may be occasionally present, that, it is okay, for you to remain calm, and feel safe, even whilst it is happening. What do you say to this message, Nathan?

I can't 'turn my ears off' though [& he again, once more conveys again as if he were a male actor, playing the part of a child. And in and with,full immersion in the 'role' – and indeed as if fully undertstanding just how such an experience would feel, for that child].

Thank you, Nathan. Mummy asks, how else can Mummy & Daddy help you with coping with such loud sounds, other than to reassure you that you are safe when they occur?

I think it is to 'protect my young ears' [& the concept conveys,now too, of how animals equally may 'flee' from- not necessarily the mechanism of a vacuum machine, but actually of the pitch in noise it makes to their environment.  Too, of how an Opera singer's high note proverbally may shatter glass and the concept of that young/new ear-drums, are as such, being metaphorically, 'of fragility as glass'.  Then, re-emphasising again, of how,we, as adults have so often 'weathered' so much with our ears. That, to be presented with a 'fresh pair' as such straight from the 'Universe' ('Creator'), could and would likely be a shocking experience.  
Following this, conveys of how certain music brings up emotions which can 'touch the heart', or contrarily, as with a horror film score, instigate anxiousness.
Then further, a reminding of how in the Universal 'bigger picture or, 'scheme of things', that, all of sound, being of resonance, does indeed affect our very being and mindset. And that of one, then having just 'freshly arrived' from 'that side of Divinity'- the etheric as opposed to physicality – that, the individual is naturally freshly 'tuned' to resonating immediately – or not - to any type of sound. Then, reacting accordingly by expression, using their physical senses to do so].

Thank you, Nathan. Nathan, Mummy and Daddy would like you, please, to know that when you are being held and near to Daddy and Mummy- & near to Daddy's ears, especially, that when you use your vocal cords and shout loudly, that, the volume you are expressing, when at full volume, can be so hurtful and distressing to Daddy's hearing that it necessitates him spending extra time by himself alone so to recover.
Nathan, if, Daddy has to go and spend time recovering from loud shouting, then, that is resultantly, time spent away from your physical presence. And, Daddy, ideally would so very much like to spend so much more time comfortably with you, Nathan, But, If, that is, you can convey vocal sounds in a much, much quieter and comfortable way in the presence of Daddy's ears.

[He crinkles his forehead momentarily in concern at this message...]

Do you understand about this situation, Nathan?

I do understand, yet, it is 'fine tuning my chords' (vocal/& notes).  I guess I haven't yet got 'the handle' on 'temperature/tempering' this 'button' to this sound [he conveys evenly, yet a little concerningly].

Thank you, Nathan. What can you tell me about your feelings towards shouting near to Daddy's ears, when you know it 'hurts/injures' him as described?

I can't quite 'adjust' my vocal expression (to a balance, yet).  I think it that, I am, as such, the 'hoover' to Daddys' ears.  We are of differing resonance until we can adapt.  Yet perhaps for us both it is to 'protect' our ears.  And too, to become aware and attuned with each environment so to function to the best of our beings.
I am sorry my lungs have not been attuned to 'sweeter softer' sounds, yet, as a man-in-waiting, perhaps in time, my voice indeed will be of celebration..[& with this, he then, as such, mysteriously smiles, and as if indicating that, in time, as a man, his voice may then be looked back on, as if of an indication to his 'totality' of being, in some way].

Thank you, Nathan.  Nathan, Mummy asks. Can you describe what usually wakes you up in the middle of the night if ever you find you are awake and Mummy & Daddy are asleep?

[In response, the concept conveys, as if of a 'pressure' each side of his lower jaw ( in mouth), at gum level..]

Thank you, Nathan.  Can you explain how your mouth feels, in more detail, please – so to wake you (as mentioned)?

Yes. [He gives a small sigh. And now conveys by analogy, of how on visiting a dentist, one may feel or sense a pressure, as the dentist works on a certain tooth. And then, of, if, a small moment of sensitivity occurs, of how it can 'shoot through you' so quickly, yet the next moment have all been over.  He conveys of this sense, and that, as of before, that his 'newly'-fresh-from-the-Divine 'baby body' is,again, so highly/finely attuned that even of the slightest hint of anything other than 'swaddling' (warm comfort)- it likely triggers again a vocal or emotion-to-express,'button'].

Thank you, Nathan. Nathan, how do you feel about sleeping in your own cot at night time?

I like it if I am tired.  If I am 'in tune with Mummy', I don't like to leave her warmth.

Thank you, Nathan. Nathan, Mummy asks: Do you find you sleep more deeply and better when you are in Mummys bed as opposed to your own cot?

I don't think it is that I necessarily sleep 'deeper' but if there is 'automatic' warmth, it is that I can settle more easily.  Yet the depth of my sleep ultimately is of equality in either bed.

Thank you, Nathan. Nathan. How do you feel about being in a car when it is moving?

I don't think I can really 'tell' when it is moving..[he responds, and again, now, conveys as if he is,- aswell as being an infant – also, as if, he is of a  'more aware individual' than his apparent  infant age depicts. Too,as if he is observing how his life 'is', as, the infant Nathan from a wider understanding or perspective...]


Thank you, Nathan.  Do you recognise what a 'car'- and being in a 'car' is, then? [I catch myself thinking to check]..

Yes, I do. Yet, it is not of an experience like an adult perceives it usually to be, for me.

Thank you, Nathan.  Does travelling in Mummy and Daddys car when the car is moving make you feel sick?

No, but my food 'comes up' sometimes.

Can you explain how you mean, please, Nathan ? ... does travelling in Mummy and Daddys car when the car is moving make you feel sick?

No. But my food 'comes up' sometimes. [he repeats].

Okay. Do you recognise what it feels like to be feeling nauseous and 'sick', Nathan?

Yes, Jane, but not as Nathan.  [& with this, conveys that, if, - as he is,- as a baby, that the 'process' of 'bringing up food' is not such a 'laboured' digestive reaction, as is experienced as we become older.  That, if a baby is 'sick', it as such 'just happens'  And therefore, it is not of such a 'recognition' beforehand of the actual 'pre-event nauseousness' seemingly presenting.  The sense, now too, conveys of how apparently un-bothered, that being sick -vomiting, is ,for animals. And of their, as such,'taking it all in their stride'].

Thank you, Nathan. Just to affirm meanings/interpretations however, on the word 'sick'...Nathan, when I mention this word, I mean 'vomit' (not, ie, being ill generally).  Do you acknowledge this understanding?

Yes, Jane.  Its true.  I don't literally feel 'ill' as you adults would describe it.  But yes, it can 'just happen' (ie the food being brought up).

Thank you, Nathan. Do you feel sick travelling in Nanny's car when the car is moving?

No, not so much [& with this, conveys a sense of his 'lying down...flatter' in connection with this response].

Please describe what aspect of the car movement makes you feel (or likely, to be) sick, Nathan?

If I am to be 'bringing my food up', it is, as such the 'quickness' almost 'jerkiness' of the car driving experience. [& the sensation of going over a hump back bridge a little faster than for comfort, conveys,and, once again, that in his newly attuned body, he is 'sensitive' to all sorts of stimuli, so much more than an individual 'weathered' to such an experience].

Thank you, Nathan.  Please describe how you feel generally about travelling in a car when it is moving?

I think that it is of an experience of 'toleration' [& again, the sense of driving over hump back bridges, where your stomach can't help but 'give a surge', conveys. Of how, as an adult, on such an occasion, one mentally almost applies ones 'mental brakes' to combat and cope with the arising 'surge' feeling brought to ones body.  That, of a 'newer' mind,..there is no 'mental adjusting'..the stomach just..or can, continue to 'surge'...bringing into focus...stomach contents...]

Thank you, Nathan. Is there something which Mummy or Daddy can adjust about your day to day life, which would be of benefit to your personal comfort, but that, to date, Mummy and Daddy have omitted to realise?

I think they are both doing handsomely [he smiles]. I did chose them..but I think they know.
No...I think it is for me to accustom myself to 'driving this body'.  Yet, if anything, continuing support as I learn, is so appreciated... [& he conveys now, as if, of his being a 'learner driver' as such] is not to mind the occasional 'bump' or 'accident' practising 'driving' a new 'vehicle' might entail.  [Too, continuing the analogy, that he is only just starting exploring the 'sound system' in his 'vehicle' . And, like a teenager enjoying 'ghetto-blaster' level volume until they mature somewhat, Nathan in his Nathan baby body, is, indeed, just 'warming up' before mastering 'the road' and 'gathering speed'...].

* * * * *

Okay.  Thank you, Nathan. Nathan, do you recall the experience of actually being born (as in, exiting the birth canal so to breathe air outside of the womb as the air-breathing physicality and baby, now known as Nathan, to Gemma and Jed)?

Yes, I would say that I do, to an extent.

Thank you. What is your main recollection of this experience (being physically born as Nathan)?

It is, as such, a reverse of the transtioning process ones consciousness experiences upon leaving a physical body.

Thank you, Nathan.  Can you explain more of your main recollection of being born as Nathan Printer?

It was, as if, I was a 'pea in a pod' (by analogy, & the image of the downy fleece-like inside of a soft new pea pod conveys. And with this, the concept of how, if, shelling peas, that just sometimes the last little pea is more apparently 'tightly packed' into its little 'pea womb' and  whilst it is 'expected' that it will indeed be 'shelled', it can take an extra 'wiggle' & or 'tweaking' to extract its being so to be released.  A sense of 'high up at the extreme tip of the pea pod' type image, conveys, and that, again, whilst conveying a sense of its inevitable 'releasing'  that of it 'not-so-easily-as-could-have-been' -apparently to do so -  conveys].

Thank you, Nathan. Nathan, Mummy, (Gemma) says, please can you tell me about your birth from your perspective?

I think it was a joining of minds and hearts again, so to experience 'another ride' [& metaphorically, the concept of a mother and child on another Fairground ride of exhileration or 'daring-do', to coin an older phrase, conveys].

Thank you, Nathan.  Can you convey even more about your birth, from your perspective?

My 'birth' was my beginning to experience what Mummy went through last time. [He smiles].  We take it in turns sometimes. [& he conveys now, as if two toddlers were sharing equally an experience of a new game given to them.  First, one would 'play' 'mother' or 'father' and then the other can be the 'child'.  A game, to all intents, of experience, 'role play', and interaction with all that 'role' employs].

Thank you, Nathan. What is your recollection of being born into air breathing physical life?

It is a 'shock' to ones consciousness.  It is as if someone has 'turned the lights off' but in reverse.  It is  as if ..[..the 'curtain has come down on half time' and one has to go and located the refreshment booth.  It is as if the 'real show' has temporarily closed to view, yet now one has to exist and enjoy the 'intermission'; the 'small talk', the 'crowds to purchase drinks/refreshments' access the 'toilets', 'drive home' afterwards, and to ensure ones not 'eaten' anything  which didn't agree with you.  Yes, breathing into an 'air breathing physicality' is, metaphorically, the 'intermission' on the 'real theatre' of existence].

Thank you, Nathan. How do you now feel about having experienced your 'birth',as it was?

I think that to have allowed Mummy an easier time could have been kinder for us both.  My intention to be so connected as a 'pea pod' style connection,...perhaps was a little over-snugly organised.

Thank you, Nathan.  Can you describe your understanding of your soul choosing to be born within the physicality of Nathan Printers physical body, as you are now?

It is a 'taking turns' within our soul family, as my understanding reminds me.  A sharing of a physical experience, in as many ways as I now experience - and practise – sounds and emotions expressible by physical senses. It is a little like...['Art'; nothing is either good or bad, just physical perception of interpretation to what emotion it triggers in thought or reaction ].  Sharing, is just like that; a sharing of sound, a sharing of expression in differing forms and pitches.  Indeed even a smile can be given in multiple ways.

Thank you, Nathan. Who were you in your last previous physical life, prior to becoming Nathan Printer?

I was Mummy's brother - of sorts - [He gives a small smile].

Thank you, Nathan.  Can you explain how you mean by 'brother - of sorts' ?

Yes.  It was thought I would live longer than I did, yet circumstances proved otherwise. Yet it is fine.  I hold no grudges, no recriminations.  We all exchange places so many times so often, it is as if a 'dance of Life' in the exchanging and sharing of embraces and connections. And, if ['someone stands on your foot'] in one arrangement,- its okay...its not the 'end of the world'...the 'dance' comes round again.

Thank you, Nathan. Have you been in physicality together with Mummy (Gemma) & Daddy (Jed) in a past life before ?

I would say 'For Certain'..[& as I write the word 'certain' ,the concept of a  'curtain'  - and the word,- as if simutaneously conveys].

Can you explain how the word 'curtain' conveys to 'be', then, please Nathan?

Its time to close, Jane. [Yet  once again with this response, there fleetingly also conveys of further sense of 'play' on the word 'curtain' somehow .Almost as if in some way, the letters might be dissected -or reversed – in some manner, so to present a further meaning on its conveyance].

Thank you, Nathan. Nathan, do you have any other particular message for Mummy, or Daddy?

[He gives a gentle sigh, of, as if gently tired consideration...] no..I think all is fine for me to carry on, as before...[He smiles...and conveying too, as if, an inner happiness; with where he is, with whom he's with - and of 'Who' he is....]

Thank you. Nathan.   


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