Acknowledgement of Animal Communication


The following quotes and comments are taken from some of the generous feedback kindly sent to me in response to my communication readings.  For confidentiality reasons, names of all animals and their persons are withheld.


“I have read through it 3 ~ 4 times and it seems each time something will jolt my thoughts/memories!  Yet again, you have been quite accurate on several “explanations”, its quite amazing!”


“Your description of [.……] is very interesting and very accurate.”


“All of the reading was really helpful. I found it very moving, ~ it was like it came from his heart…”


“The reading was [….], you describe him just how he is…   I really noticed a change in [……], just before I received the communication you sent me ~ he seems to have a new sparkle ~ it would have been about the time of the communication.  I felt that both readings where very professional. You have helped me very much.”


“Hey, I received a call from [….], who you have kindly done a reading for.  She was sooooo uplifted by your words and wanted you to know that its helped her so much.  She says you tuned in and talked to both her parrots and described their personalities exactly!”


“Thank you so much for the second reading with […..].  I have read it twice now and there is a lot to think about in it.  Thank you for being so tactful but persistent with the questioning.  You have a real talent for this Jane.”


“[….] has definitely become calmer since the communication.  Many thanks for your help with […..] ~ extremely useful and helpful.”


“Your character description of […..] ~ with it being so accurate (according to our impressions of him), we feel we appreciate his qualities even more.  …This reading is positive and helpful.  It honours […..]’s unique character.”


“Thank you so much for all the information on […..].  It has eased our minds a great deal..”


“It describes her personality perfectly.  Since your visit[after the reading]….  I feel she is more accepting of me…I think [….]’s reading has been very helpful.  Thank you Jane.”


 “I thought Jane’s consultation had a very gentle and sympathetic approach to it.  Although she already knows [….] and some of his ‘little ways’ I was surprised as the consultation sounded like just how I would imagine […..] thinking/talking.  Jane brought out his typical personality which makes him so adorable!  Some of the conversation made me feel quite ‘spooky’ as I was pleasantly surprised how accurate it was.  I had never experienced any animal communication techniques before so was slightly feeling mixed thoughts about the whole thing.  I would certainly request another consultation if either [….] or any of my other animals had a problem.”


“All your cat communications for […..] and me have been very interesting and accurate. Some very accurate and detailed as if it is easier to communicate with some animals. Your help with […….] was invaluable and so accurate that it deserves special mention ~ he and you have a good channel of communication..  I hope you continue with this work for which you have a gift of considerable depth and I hope it helps people to understand that animals have unique personalities which people can enhance by treating them as sentient, individual beings.”