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Animal communication, known also as Interspecies telepathic communication, is mind to mind (telepathic) communication between individuals of varying species. It is a field of study separate and not to be confused with horse 'whispering'.  By contrast 'Whisperers' are skilled animal behaviourists who work by communicating with animals using body language.

How Does Animal Communication 'work'?

The easiest way to describe this is to say that an animal will 'pick up' on the image or images that a word, phrase, sentence, or indeed an intention, 'forms' in ones mind.  They also 'send' images back to our minds.  We can interpret the messages from these images when we become aware of how to do so.

What Evidence is There To Show Animal Communication is Possible?

In the 1970's one of the leading pioneers of this field, Penelope Smith, brought attention to and proof of the effectiveness and reality of communicating with animals. Smith discovered counselling techniques applicable to people with emotional issues were notably effective with animals when applied telepathically.  Much media coverage acknowledging her abilities has followed.  She has since taught numerous people to communicate with animals.  Many now work professionally themselves.
In the U.S animal communication is increasingly gaining acceptance as an effective and recognised profession. Books on the subject have been written in several languages and are now distributed worldwide.


 How 'Effective' is Communication With An Animal?

It is common for people to report notable improvements or differences occurring regarding requests made over behavioural issues or information relayed to and from their animal friend.  Although there can be no guarantee that an animal will act on information given through communicating - my personal experience is, that very frequently the communication is acknowledged to have been helpful or enhancing to an animals life and well being and thereby often to their person too.
As every animal lover knows each animal is individual. Each has preferences and dislikes and each, whether or not allowed to express it, has free will; their own choices, persuasions and urges.
This free will needs to be remembered. Communicating a 'command' telepathically or otherwise does not necessarily mean your animal friend will oblige your request.  However, as with us all, given an opportunity to understand a situation better, by communication, we are then more likely to want to concur. Understanding a situation better can result in more harmonious relationships.
Relaying information to an animal, can and frequently does, have remarkable consequences.  Equally, learning more about a particular animal friend and their preferences can deepen the human-animal bond and encourage mutual acceptance of both individuals and their personal ways.

 Communicating Near or Far

Telepathy has no limits distance wise.  Communicating is therefore equally effective in person or remotely. With remote communication photographs of an animal may be used just as effectively as a point of focus. I work remotely and so it is not necessary for me to meet the animal concerned prior to or during a communication session.

If the problem isn't physical, it is most likely emotional.
Communicating may help.

With any behavioural anomally, please always consult a Veterinary Surgeon in the first instance to eliminate any possible physical cause.




Which Situations May Animal Communication Help With? 


    Behavioural issues

    If the cause is not physical, it may well be emotionally based.

   -  Learning more about the needs, likes and dislikes of a particular animal.

   -  Introducing new animals to the household.

   -  Conveying information you need them to know.

   - Answering questions concerning death and dying.

Addressing many other issues which may be as individual as the animals themselves. Animals are renowned 'mirrors' of their persons own mental and emotional mindsets. Communication may also clarify a persons thinking regarding how they personally truly feel towards a situation.


Intuitive Bodyscans

During a communication session it is often possible to tune in to an animal in such a way that impressions and sensations are received, which can represent how the animal is feeling physically.  Since only Veterinary Surgeons are permitted however to diagnose or give medical advise, I must stress that any information I relay through communicating is not to be interpreted as diagnosis or advice on any medical condition, but simply for your consideration. A Veterinary Surgeon should always be the first point of contact regarding an animals' health.


Animals In Spirit

I am aware this may seem incredible to those holding different beliefs in death and dying.  However, from validations and feedback on the accuracy of past communications, I personally have no doubt that this is possible. Communication with an animal in spirit can be a source of comfort and reassurance - giving peace of mind and sometimes the longed for, often elusive, feeling of 'closure' on the relationship shared with an animal physically.

Animal Communicator, Tutor & Lecturer in UK  and Worldwide