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 Animal Bereavement

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A note about the transcript

The nature of telepathic communication is that it is conveyed as intuitive messages.
 Information received may therefore be interpreted in many varying ways; as messages, images, emotions, feelings, or analogies.
It should be remembered that animal communication is an art and not a science.
Animal communication has been recognised since the 1970’s and is considered a complementary profession. Jane Summers’ animal communication consultations are made and presented in good faith and are the result of much self-testing, validation & experience in telepathic communication with animals over a number of years.
Each animal is respected as being uniquely individual. No guarantee is given to any particular issue being solved, fixed, corrected or cured from any animal communication consultation.
Animal communication is not a replacement for veterinary care of an animal. Any intuitive information conveyed in the course of a consultation is therefore just for your personal consideration.

A Key to Reading the Following Transcript

An animal communication transcript largely reads like a conversation between two individuals:
1) The animal communicator
2) The animal.
-   The communicators’ words & thoughts are written in regular type - & without any brackets.
-   The animals’ main responses are written in italics – without any brackets.
[.....] Words or sentences in square brackets:
Square bracketed words detail accompanying emotions, feelings, images, analogies or metaphors, which are intuitively received at the same time as the main response from the animal.
(.....) Words or sentences in round brackets:
Round bracketed words assist expression of the animals’ response. They are used when the animals’ response may be better understood by the addition of such words.
The nature of telepathic communication is that the animals’ responses may be conveyed intuitively in many varying ways & oftentimes are not to be taken as literally meant; therefore, be aware of any possible lateral meanings which may come to mind from an animals’ response; as these too can be intriguing & significant in their own right.

Thank you.


Arnie, Black & White Cat

Coping with Bereavement

November 2019

Animal Communicator: Jane Summers

Following the passing of Arnies' feline mother, Maddy, in June 2019, it was evident her transition had deeply affected him. After initially searching the house for her in every conceivable place, he took to sitting and gazing at Maddy's grave, sometimes for hours at a time, day after day, over the weeks that followed.

He'd settle himself outside at a physical viewpoint to the place her body was buried, in a location he'd never previously shown interest in sitting.  On days of inclement weather, he'd position himself at the nearest window with the same view, where once again he could gaze towards the spot. At other times he could be found snuggled on the towel her body last touched.

He declined being picked up easily, was jumpy, nervous, and avoided his usual affectionate contact,- even towards his sister, Grace.

I comforted him as best I could and thrice over and more did a best to explain 'what had happened' so ensuring he understood -at least as much I did- what had occurred with Maddy. Yet it was soon evident that it might help to better understand his personal feelings and thoughts more thoroughly through a deeper remote communication than our day to day exchanges.

I composed the main questions I wished to ask him within a few days of observing his changed behaviour. Yet due to my own level of grieving and other circumstances, it was not to be until some months later that I could make a written session with him.

~ ~ ~

Good morning Arnie, my dear friend. We have spoken, I know, already this morning, though as agreed, I am now please, to put to you all of those questions, for your heartfelt responses, which I had composed some months ago after Maddy passed..

Yes, Jane, I'm ready..[ He conveys. And he is, - in his physicality - positioned comfortably 'asleep' on a nearby chair of favour across the room to my writing].

Darling Arnie, I am so,so sorry that your Mum, - Maddy- 's passing has caused such strain and shock (as I am perceiving) to both you and I. Can you tell me how you are feeling towards her passing?

I am in, now, what may be called a 'state of hesitation'. It is, well, it is not to say I cannot 'see her' because, in fact, I can. Now that I have 'accustomise-ed' my physical eyes to the 'mist' clearing. It is, after her passing as if my physical eyes in their shock, contracted, thereby not permitting me to focus outside my body due to the 'inner' body encompassing the sensations it experienced. Now, as time in physical has lengthened, it is as if this 'mist' has cleared so by showing me, like seeing a 'rainbow', exactly 'where' and 'how' she (Maddy) 'is'. It is a finer 'composition' than of our physical 'selves', yet I surmise that even though it is of a 'fine-ness' with 'in-fine-ity' she is still nearby, and of this, so often, (it) is what I 'use' to give me memory that all is not 'lost' as once it were perceived to be.

Thank you, Arnie. Did you and Grace know, ahead of time, that it was to be her time, then, to transition?

I knew not that such an eventuality was to occur in that of the consequence of feelings I would experience following this. We, Grace and I, were reminded as we grew that we should 'learn for ourselves' so to be more self sufficient with our ways, as a 'time' would come whereby the maternal care of Maddy would be removed from 'form' as it 'was'.

We knew not what this would be, in which form it would take. It was then, - and as you saw – in physical terms as if a shock to know when the 'form' changed.

It was, as if, a kaleidoscope had moved its 'picture'- it was a loss of the beauty I held in view and near to me and had grown to love so deeply.

Yet who is to say if 'Autumn' or 'Spring' is more beautiful?

God bless you, Arnie. Thank you. Do you realise how she physically died – transitioned - to spirit?

I... [He hesitates on as if delving to think of this...]...I find it of a sadness that her passing caused such pain to you, Jane. The manner of her passing has been impressed upon my psyche so deeply now, it is that of a 'poison' to think of, in that, should Grace or I consider 're-visiting' or venturing near to where she passed (the road) the energy is of a 'contrariness'- a feeling of avoidance to do so. I think for all of us, the manner of her passing seemed 'ahead' of how she really 'should' have passed.

Can you explain how you mean, Arnie?

Yes, I think that Maddy's evolutionary path was -is- ultimately of more gentleness than her physical demise this time incurred. The impact was more 'violent' than her inner soul had 'bargained for'.

Thank you, Arnie. Did she tell you this from in spirit, Arnie?

No, not as such, but when I, in mind, reconcile the events with her nature as she nurtured, it seems of an eventuality that was not fitting to her loveliness.

Thank you, Arnie...well.. I have spoken to Maddy in spirit and she conveys that she was unaware of how her transition would exactly occur, only that it would be imminent. I am sure she will tell you more too if you ask her, dear Arnie.

Thank you, Jane. It (her passing) has sat as an 'in-conclusion' with me, I have to say it is so that I am 'in a state of hesitation' – I am still moving forward, and certainly not going back, yet, so often I do not feel 'fluid' with my physical movement. I am, as you perceive, sometimes as if 'jumpy'- jerky- as if not really moving as confidently and surely as I could.


I see, and thank you for explaining that, Arnie. I am so sorry that the outside road vehicles often travel so fast. Please can you and Grace ensure you stay clear of the road now and only stay in the garden and the house?

Well, we know this too and observe as much, and we, Grace and I, too, have been advised of this by Maddy from her 'rainbow state' (in spirit). Yet sometimes, when all appears still, it is true I do on occasion venture to cross the road.

I understand, Arnie, - the thing is to remember though that just because the road 'looks' and sounds 'still' that it may change instantaneously and a vehicle may appear 'out of nowhere'. So, this is why it is safest for you and Grace to avoid the road even if it appears still.

I understand, Jane. We do try to be careful.

Thank you, Arnie. I noticed, Darling Arnie, that when Maddys body was buried, that you spent a number of times sitting looking at the spot (where her physical body was buried). What can you tell me about this, please?

I was, Jane...and still do..sometimes yearn for the energy of her physical to be with me. Over the place where her physical body was placed, her aura 'stayed' for some 'days' as if not leaving for a 'while' after her 'passing'. I felt this, and it gave me comfort as if of a remembrance of comfort, to hold, for me. Thereby, I held and gazed the spot, and so, even though she no longer 'holds' that 'space in consciousness' just 'there'- my memory of comfort from gazing there, when she did, remains with me.

I love that spot, I love to gaze that spot,it rests my mind, like a 'comfort blanket' to my soul of sorts.

Thank you, Arnie. What would you say to other animals by way of support on hearing that a so loved one had passed over?

It can be a period of 'pause' in that what appeared previously as your reality is 'halted' and paused..yet 'it' all does go on again. It (is) of a 're-adjustment' a 'refinement' if you will, whereby [and metaphorically he now conveys the concept of, a 'sieving of reality' in that if reality were flour; it is of: an inability to then 'swallow the bigger lumps' and that all around you has to be taken in smaller amounts so to be 'digested' or to 'traverse absorption': ie, small gentle words, small gentle gestures, Lightness, fineness, nothing heavy put upon you]. A more sensitive condition of 'Being' results and further, a sensitivity of the soul is evolved too.

Thank you, Arnie. What would you say to me, as to how better I could help you with coping with the circumstances of a loved one passing over?

I think it is to follow your heart, though as you do, and did, Jane. Each circumstance is different and for each individual. There is not 'one' singular 'right' or 'wrong' way to go about 'helping' another. Instinct is the 'natural' answer if anything,- to follow ones 'instinctive' urge as to their heartfelt 'guide' as to how to react to help – or not – as sometimes too, to 'step back' and 'allow' another space, is, in itself the most helpful at certain times.

Thank you, Arnie. Arnie, humans in general have often wondered if cats feel what we as humans term 'grief' [Defined as: deep sorrow, distress mentally, caused by loss..- so by then experiencing 'grieving']. Would you say this type of description is applicable to how you felt after Maddys passing?

I do not feel it is of a 'sorrow' but more so of an 'acclimatisation' to a 'change of energy'. And, yet too, is this not but a variation on the same, in reality.. And so, whilst in human 'terms' it may well appear as 'grieving', if humans were to define what 'grieving' 'is' – it is but a differing word to describe a set of circumstances displaying 'accustomise-ation' to a changing 'set' of energies.

Thank you, Arnie. Do you still see Maddy (her physicality), in spirit, around you?

I don't so much 'see' her, as 'feel and sense' her. There is a 'space' as such which her love and 'essence' 'presents' to me. And akin to..[and he conveys the concept of: stopping for a moment as if you had caught the scent of uniquely beautiful fragrance, heard a note or tune of musical excellence, or found a moment of memory of resonance].., in that each 'pulls at your heart' depth of loveliness to your mind; Her, presence, is, in essence, 'this'.

Thank you, Arnie. Why did you tend to decline being held after Maddy's passing, please Arnie?

Because my 'outer' self was not akin to comfort with my 'inner' self. I was as if ultra sensitive to what had occurred 'outside of me'- Maddy's passing. It was as if I was so over sensitive to 'outer stimuli' I had to take refuge... not to be in contact physically so much with you or others until my 'inner' had caught up with the 'outer reality'. I thus sort to decline interaction and indeed with Grace, too.

Thank you, Arnie. (I think that now explains a little of what I was next to ask you – though which is..).. How do you feel about me (towards me) since Maddy's passing?

I love you just as before, Jane. We need to be mentally 'there' for each other, that is for sure. Yet I realise, whilst in physicality that sometimes means, ironically, 'not being physically there' for another.

I think I understand, Arnie. However can you explain, even more, how you mean by this?

Yes...Whilst ones mind is in harmony with another's eventuality of circumstance, expression - of this resonance in physical terms - is not always easily found 'displayed'. It is not however to ever dismiss such resonance as in omission. Sometimes each souls 'inner' and 'outer' is struggling to 'align' or 're-align' with the physical expression displaying as 'one'.

Thank you, Arnie. How do you feel about (towards) Grace since Maddys passing?

I love her as I did, and do, as always. She and I both understand this passage of 're-aligning' both our 'inner' and 'outers' and we are cautious and respectful of venturing near to physical closeness with this energy in mind.

Thank you, Arnie.