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"If ever there is a tomorrow when we're not together...there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you." A.A.Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

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An Extract From A Communication


Female Border Collie x Standard Poodle
Passed to spirit aged just 10 years old.
21st October 1999 – 27th January 2010
Communication: 21st June 2010
Animal Communicator & personal companion: Jane Summers

Since her passing to spirit, I had often mentally, if fleetingly, connected with Wispa asking her opinions & even advice, on occasion, though without noting any responses in writing. Perhaps the time hadn’t been right for me to settle to ask pre-formulated questions of her consciousness in spirit, though as I continued to do with other animals. Or perhaps I was just not ready to do so with her, in myself. The following session then in many ways, at least to me, feels long overdue. Though all being in divine & perfect order, it is, most likely, exacting in its timing.

~ ~ ~

Hello Wispa...

HellOOOO, Jane ! [She is enthusiastic, chirpy, welcoming; so, so, welcoming to connecting with me...]

Thanks, Wispa. I know you & I have connected quite a bit since you have passed to spirit, but I know (too), until now, not in this manner & so I’m looking forward to this...


I am Jane. I am too...So much. [And it as if she smiles. And she comes across as being in such finest clearest health. As if her ‘voice’ could not be of a finer tuned lilt, as if her very breath is of purity, & as if her soul & being has, as such, been flushed through with the radiance of eternity, leaving no trace, not a speck, of heaviness. Her essence depicts a lightness & clarity of expression so refreshing it is like feeling tuned in to the clearest of sounds so that being in touch with ‘this’ seems to re-charge me; seems to be a connection to the Source from which goodness & pure Love emanates, of which each one of us seeks as a human incarnation. She is Love. And I feel privileged to be in touch with such a being.]

Thank you, Wispa.

Wispa – I have some questions! – I’d love your response to please...?

Yes, Jane, of course... I’ve been waiting for you to ask me all these things...& more! [And she again seems to finish her sentence with an exclamation mark! such is the upbeat positivity she emanates].

Firstly, I should ask, ‘How are you doing, Wispa?’

Well, Jane. What can you expect!! I am purely fine – please know that - & as you have picked up on at the beginning of this connection.

Good Wispa, I’m glad.


What is it like where you ‘are’?


There are so many questions we can ask..

And I am often asked:

Can you communicate with animals when they die?

And my understanding & experience, is that, yes, most definitely, this is possible.

With gentle respect, I have every belief in consciousness continuing after physical death.

Although animal communicators rarely refer to this aspect of their work as 'medium-ship', the reality is that communicating with an animal in spirit is indeed akin to a medium connecting with a person who has passed over to spirit (physically deceased). And in this same way, it is the consciousness of the individual that remains contactable via telepathic communication.

If you are skeptical as to whether consciousness does indeed continue after physical death, I highly recommend reading:

'A Lawyer Presents Evidence for the Afterlife' by Victor Zammit,

The Evolution Angel by Dr Michael Abrams,

Proof of Heaven by Dr Eban Alexander.

It is understandble & very human to grieve the physical loss of a so dearly loved animal companion. Though if it can be of any assistance in ease to know, it is my & many others belief that the consciousness of an individual 'in spirit' enables them to clearly know & connect to their loved ones thoughts & feelings -  sometimes on a level surpassed of that demonstrated even in their physical life - & in varying & comparatively unusual ways.

Communication with a companion in spirit, can be a source of comfort and reassurance - giving peace of mind and sometimes a sense of 'closure' on a relationship with a special animal friend physically.

From countless validations, feedback on accuracy of past communications, realisation that an animal 'in spirit' so often conveys the most heart touching pieces of wisdom over & beyond that often intuited in the physical; this aspect of my work has become the most honouring & resonating of all.

 To arrange an animal communication session with an animal in spirit*, please see my 'AC Consultations' page for further details.

 *Please know that due to the particular sensitivity of communication with animals 'in spirit'  these sessions, once made, are relayed to you via either an audio file &/or, as a typed transcript, - but are not relayed to you via a personal telephone call.

However I will be pleased to speak with you about your animals session, once you have had time and privacy to read or listen to your animal's AC conveyances. Thank you, for understanding.


Advice from the Afterlife

Male Tabby Cat

 "I would like to say,.... that your consciousness goes before you; your consideration of each and every move goes before you, as in a sweep gently brushing a path wide and clean in front of its walk. Your kindness, good meaning and well intentioned motives, no matter how you may feel in between times, will ensure you are blessed, made way for...and yes, even ceremoniously more than you may ever realise just now.

For you are a power of great reflectivity; a light in this world that will never be extinguished as you have made it your business to have touched/ ‘touch-flamed’ (torched/ lit up) a small piece of so many hearts that should you ever now feel that you need a lighting of your way – that you will find these touch-flames may now unite in force, to guide you along your path at a time when your own light may be somewhat subdued.

Rest assured you are guided.  I am blessed to be here for you. And the touch-flame of how you touched my physical life, burns in my soul, lighting my inch of your path before you. Rest assured if you may take a step...your way is lit, and from lights you never thought would ‘come on’ - and may they come forth, so you know and realise how much you are loved and cared for...on this side, on your side, and for all eternity."


For further Afterlife communicaton and Bereavement support, please also visit my web page  'Animal Afterlife Answers' via menu/About. Thank you.