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Animals at Home

  • Willow, Old English Sheepdog
  •  Ra, Albino Python
  •  Max, Grey Weimeraner


 A note about the transcripts

The nature of telepathic communication is that it is conveyed as intuitive messages.
 Information received may therefore be interpreted in many varying ways; as messages, images, emotions, feelings, or analogies.
It should be remembered that animal communication is an art and not a science.
Animal communication has been recognised since the 1970’s and is considered a complementary profession. Jane Summers’ animal communication consultations are made and presented in good faith and are the result of much self-testing, validation & experience in telepathic communication with animals over a number of years.
Each animal is respected as being uniquely individual. No guarantee is given to any particular issue being solved, fixed, corrected or cured from any animal communication consultation.
Animal communication is not a replacement for veterinary care of an animal. Any intuitive information conveyed in the course of a consultation is therefore just for your personal consideration.

 A Key to Reading the Following Transcript(s)

An animal communication transcript largely reads like a conversation between two individuals:
1) The animal communicator
2) The animal.
-   The communicators’ words & thoughts are written in regular type - & without any brackets.
-   The animals’ main responses are written in italics – without any brackets.
[.....] Words or sentences in square brackets:
Square bracketed words detail accompanying emotions, feelings, images, analogies or metaphors, which are intuitively received at the same time as the main response from the animal.
(.....) Words or sentences in round brackets:
Round bracketed words assist expression of the animals’ response. They are used when the animals’ response may be better understood by the addition of such words.
The nature of telepathic communication is that the animals’ responses may be conveyed intuitively in many varying ways & oftentimes are not to be taken as literally meant; therefore, be aware of any possible lateral meanings which may come to mind from an animals’ response; as these too can be intriguing & significant in their own right.

Thank you.

Willow, Old English Sheepdog 

Tail 'bobbing' - an animals' perspective

An extract from this transcript was included in Species Link - Journal of Interspecies Communication: Autumn 2012

Animal Communicator: Jane Summers

Prompted by questions posed by a Species Link Journal reader, regarding animals' views on declawing and bobbing of tails and ears, I sought the opinion of Willow, an Old English Sheepdog, whose own tail was bobbed many years ago, whilst in a previous home.

~ ~ ~


Hello Willow.

['Smiling'..] Hello Jane [she responds with smiling mock formality & a knowing of my now opening to communicate with a particular issue in mind..]

Willow, as I've mentioned earlier, I have some special questions to put to you & I would greatly appreciate your responses in fullest detail...Are we ready to go?

['Smiling'..] yes, Jane..

I would like to ask you about your tail, Willow. What can you tell me about this?

It is 'half' the size it was. It has received many comments. It is 'shortened', but so to extend my life. I like to think of it as...well.. a means to an 'end'.(!)

Okay, can you explain you mean....'but so to extend my life..'?

I knew I would be more 'wanted', more desired at the outset as a puppy if I were to have the, then, 'desired' operation. It was fashionable then, it held not such a stigma as its' process does today. The energy of it was different then; it is only now that others may look & exclaim 'my, how drastic. How sad'. [& with this, by analogy, conveys the sense of a great architectural building & of how, in order to supposedly 'make way' for the 'new' – sometimes the 'old' is demolished- but then later, incredulity of such a thing having ever been allowed to have happened is expressed].

Thank you, Willow. Okay. I understand (then) that... when you were a puppy that your natural length tail was partly removed ('bobbed'). What can you tell me of this?

It was, Jane. I carry this latter energy now wherever I go. It is commented on, but too, it is as such part of my history; a tradition of sorts which I am representative of. Today, as you speak, this, I understand is rarely allowed . It is of a (cosmetic-ly enhanced) feature, which not all would assume was an enhancement. Yet it is a matter of opinion – would one not say?

Thank you, Willow. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the strongest feeling of pain). How 'painful' was this?

[She does not respond initially towards the scale indicated... but instead conveys description..] It was swift. It was almost instantaneous. It was a shock at the time. Yet then it is over. It cannot be rectified to put it back or righted to as it was before. It is to assume the pain of the time will pass, that the shock of the 'cut' will heal. And yes, largely it has. [With this, conveys the thought of pruning trees; of how so many assume the docking of their 'limbs' is any less than 'regular'. That it comes to all individuals, a 'cutting down to size', either mentally or physically]. It is to cope & take upon oneself the nature of the purpose. If the perpetrator means it well, it tends to heal in faster time in human terms - than otherwise - when listless energy of random action needs gathering up to put you 'back on track'.

[I later go back & address the 'scale' again]

[ She conveys a sense of... 'off the scale'. But again, with emphasis on swiftness].

Thank you, Willow. And now – how does it feel to you? (on this scale of 1-10).

[Of this 'scale' she conveys a blankness, as if of no sensation...& responds:]

It is comfortable, Jane. It is...just..not there [& she replies with a shrugging-like smile...]

Thank you, Willow. On a soul level, were you 'prepared' for the bobbing of your tail whilst a puppy?

I knew I chose to become the breed of dog I am['smiles' with a quiet sense of dignity]. I [sighs..]yes, did realise the docking was then 'part of my breed'. It is okay sometimes. The rituals of an ancient culture (in relative terms) are born & continue to preserve the very energies they initially represented.

Can you explain this, Willow?

Yes, Jane. The 'sacrifices' of Self or of others' mutilation (as it may be termed) is significant in a way of historical energy content. To follow ideas and idioms which represent a lineage of tradition, it is sometimes overtaken in terms of 'pain' by purely & simply what it 'represents'. To 'suffer' so to be 'accepted' on full terms somehow makes it 'acceptable'. I feel 'this' type energy regarding my tail.


Thank you, Willow. From a spiritual significance can you describe what undergoing this procedure (bobbing) indicates/signifies?

I think I have explained this slightly. It is of an indigenous almost 'tribal' aspect of sacrifice to mark & or make a mark of acceptance in your society. I realise when times & old traditions have changed, so too will supposedly (barbaric) procedures such as docking & bobbing. Then, (to) be surpassed by other more 'complete' oriented energies.

Now-a-days it is more of a 'completeness' ; the whole energy of today. It is, & was of a previous generation & mindset that to conform that you should sacrifice or accept 'less' so to be accepted.

Today is of abundance in mind; it is of generosity & more..& more... & More! [& by analogy & in contrast to bobbing conveys the concept of hair extensions]. It is a society of More. And less is concentrated on making sacrifices or taking others - or of others – so they are in conformity.

Thank you Willow. How does having undergone this procedure('bobbing') affect your mind?

I realise it is of a mindset now outdated from the energies I meet & who observe my being. I do have & hold an historical interest in my soul incarnation as Willow. And it was my way to incarnate as an Old English Sheepdog with 'traditionally' shorn tail part. I do not have less of a 'wag' ability though – as has been observed & appreciated..though do I..! [she 'smiles'].

Thank you, Willlow Does this occurrence & resultant 'bobbed' tail bring back any prominent thoughts if(/when) it is mentioned today?

No. Only that it is part of my way of being. If anything it makes me more individual & again a part of history to comment on. I know I am still beautiful in my own way. It is, well, a decision & an incision which made me 'me' in this incarnation.

Do you now-a-days feel 'complete' in yourself despite having undergone this procedure ('bobbing')?

Yes, Jane, I do.

I am complete as Willow, as the Willow I chose to be in this life-time. If I were to grow or have had my tail remaining long, I feel it would have led me different paths of experience & I chose to go the way I have. And I am happy. [& she wags, a vibratory beautiful intense big stumpy wag].

Can you advise me from a dogs perspective what to suggest to any breeders who may still believe alterations such as bobbing are okay to perform?

It is of a different time frame now, Jane. More is understood from an energetic & animal/human perspective of the implications of this procedure. It is no longer 'necessary' a ritual to perform; it is of 'ancient' times [& the concept of ancient aboriginal tribes performing scarring is conveyed]. It has no place in today's society. But it is a reminder of old energies & ways and of interest in its own right.

Thank you, Willow. And regarding wagging your tail do you feel in your capability to demonstrate this?

[Her stump then wags profusely... as if to comment for itself... And, as I have observed so many, many times, its tail energy is not lessened whatsoever. The vibration & enthusiasm of its few inches seems akin to observing the motor part of a wildly waving electronic flag; but no matter nothings waving in the breeze – just look at the motor working! Her wagg-iness is more intense, as if a hundred times over...]

Thank you, Willow. Do such operations ... other animals may have endured of similar procedures...also hold the same implications/representations you speak about?

Yes, Jane. Again, it is of a necessity supposedly of societies conformity. To be 'accepted', sometimes an individual will endure all sorts [& by analogy conveys the human endurances of high heels, hair removal, cosmetic surgery & crowded transport endured to be 'accepted']. However, today's more individualistic society is more embracing of our differing ways. Individuality is encouraged. 'Conformity ' (to society) itself encourages self-expression & variation.

I am glad really, Jane. I may have 'waved the flag' for traditionalism, but my tail is in essense at its 'root', for which I am grateful. For it is at the base of any essence where truth is found. To 'cut to the quick', 'touch the base', ultimately leads to a better grounding,understanding & realisation of capabilities & realities – for which no 'fancy' pretence can be allowed.

I am proud of my tail – (tale) [she 'smiles'] for it now dispels connection of the old way & yet brings appreciation of the new. And most importantly, I, - & it – can keep moving .

[And she wags;an intensely lovely stumpy wag... Its intenseness seemingly mounting, & somehow making it even faster than any sweeping wag a longer tail might manage. A faster vibration, indeed.]

Bless you & thank you, Willow.

[She 'smiles'; flattens her lovely ears, tips up her chin in the way she does on 'smiling' & wags her historical tail end profusely...].



 Ra, Albino Burmese Python

An extract from this transcript  featured in Inspirations Magazine
June/July 2011
Animal Communicator: Jane Summers
I was asked to telepathically communicate with a 12 year old Albino Burmese Python, named Ra, concerning a diagnosis of Inclusion Body Disease.
Following validation on particular points* of Ra’s communication session by Sue Colman, the Snake Sanctuary proprietor – it was agreed to present Ra’s transcript to highlight & raise awareness of the condition IBD.

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hello Ra. My name is Jane. I am an animal communicator & on behalf of Sue, I have been asked to communicate with you...
Hello Jane [his ‘voice’ comes across as gravelly, croaky & in an almost robotic-ly clipped type way. And as if a gravelly type adaptor to his voice box if such a thing could be possible, were fitted to induce such a tone].

Thank you, Ra.
Ra, Sue is rather concerned for your well-being & has asked I enquire of your viewpoints on certain issues - with your agreement?
Yes, Jane –of course... [& his ‘voice’ again draws my attention- and conveys as if coming from a hollow cage in resonance].
Thank you, Ra. How are you feeling just now, firstly?
I don’t know if I can say ‘good’, Jane [his ‘voice’ now appearing of a higher pitch as he composes a sentence of conveyance to me].

Can you describe how you are feeling, Ra?
[& in response, it is a smaller ‘voice’ still, which ‘answers’. Curiously he has conveyed to me as if of ‘two voices’; one, of the deeper gravelly tone, the second of a smaller, almost high pitched ‘little voice’].
I am feeling like I am ‘shrinking’, Jane. It is a case of my skin as such becoming ‘too tight’ for me & so I keep bursting out of (in) small pieces.

I’m sorry to hear that, Ra. Can you tell me more details?
Yes, Jane. It is losing me strength. [& there is a sense of one end of him being as such ‘okay’ yet the other end being more affected by what is going on].

Okay, Ra. And can you tell me more – of how you are feeling?
Yes, Jane [his ‘voice’ notable again, & of the two tones, they now convey as a sense of how, by analogy, a schoolboys voice may ‘break’- in an uncontrolled high & then alternate with deepness occasionally as he speaks, though quite unconsciously].
I feel as if..I am in, as such, ‘slices’...

Can you explain this to me, Ra?
I feel I am in ‘sections’...& one bit is ‘catching on to the other’ gradually...
Okay - & how does this make you feel in yourself & in your body, Ra?
It feels as if I am ‘locking myself together gradually’...

Alright – thank you for explaining, Ra.
Ra, Sue’s first question to you is: How did you become ill?
It was nothing Sue did, please tell her...
Okay – can you tell me how you consider you became ill, Ra?
I ate something which I was pre-disposed to pick up eggs from [& with this conveys the sense of a small animal, mouse or bird - with some sort of ‘infection’/’eggs’ on it, which Ra ate].

Can you describe or detail this more?
[To this, there is the sense of some sort of preservative having been applied to such a mouse/bird – to be served as food; and that the resultant application & condition being then toxic to snakes].
Thank you, Ra.
Ra, are you in pain in your body, physically?
Yes, it is as if I ache, Jane [& simultaneously he conveys the sense of his muscles physically aching].
I’m sorry to hear that Ra. With you agreement, I will make a body scan of you?
Yes, Jane of course... [And from this, the following sensations were conveyed:
 A sense, of, as if, his muscles are TIGHTLY, tightly contracted & which if one could describe in simple terms, could be said to be comparable to screwing one’s eyes up very tightly, but then of the tightness even exceeding the ‘normal’ level of tightness one might manage usually. With this, is an inner sense of almost shaking due to the muscles then being in such a tight spasm of tightness].   

Thank, Ra. Sue then asks:
Is there anything more we can do to help (you) get better?
It is being kind to me – as you do, that makes my life worth living [& by analogy, he conveys the sense of how a person diagnosed with a nerve-affected/muscle disorder which produces physical shaking, can often ‘cope’ on an everyday level by applying concentration & acceptance & with the love & help of those around them].

Okay, thank you Ra. To reinforce Sue’s question though – can she do anything to assist you physically to feel better?
[& in response.. a sense of massaging the skin is conveyed & the concept of TTOUCh therapy comes to mind].

Okay, thank you, Ra, though as I understand from you that your condition is of an ‘internal cause’ – can you suggest anything else Sue can do or give you to assist your recovering?

 To make sure my water has ‘nothing in detrimental’ [& this is conveyed as a sense of his seeking to avoid any sort of chemical additive in drinking water - of which, it may be said to be considered ‘helpful’ or ‘purifying’ to the water, by some, though to others as ‘toxic’].

Thank you, Ra. Do you consider a particular element or chemical in water could be contributory to your condition?
Yes, I need it ‘pure’ as of a snake’s habitat.
Okay. Thank you, Ra. Though to re-confirm your response of earlier- (whether you are in pain) – on a scale of 1- 10 (10 being most intense) – please describe any pain you have?
It is a ‘six’ sometimes, Jane – (though) it is...not so much ‘pain’ but ‘discomfort’. It is just ‘exhausting’; this ‘scrunched up’ feeling, yet I endure it [& with this he conveys a sense as if, by analogy, of paint peeling].
Thank you, Ra. Then, would you say this ‘discomfort’ tolerable & cope-able on an everyday basis?
[He ‘sighs’] is my ‘path’, Jane. If it is that I am immobilised by it... [& with this he conveys the sense of a similarly restrictive condition such as tetanus/’lockjaw’ & of the ‘being frozen’- ‘locked’ into one’s body situation, yet, still seeing, hearing & sensing all that is going on around].

Okay. Thank you, Ra.
Sue then asks: Can you get better?
Yes, if ‘better’ is surpassing the level of comfort I have now [He ‘smiles’].
Can you explain this more, please, Ra?
I feel I can improve – but it is (now) like... [& by analogy,- a ‘rusted up’ machine; almost locked into itself from ‘getting to such a stage’. Yet, if ‘oiled up’ – it may get to work/operate again, but in reality too much ‘rusting up’ has happened over time to expect it to ever completely be clear & working as ‘normally’ as it first ever was].
Thank you, Ra.
And Sue asks: Would you prefer to ‘leave this world’ than to stay?
[He ‘blinks’; a slow motion ‘blink’- & as if closing his eyes to almost ‘shut out the thought’ or as one might on having to compose themselves with a thought before opening the eyes again, to view- & face- the situation- & or thought, again].
Can you give more of your thought on this, Ra?
Yes, Jane. I would like to ‘stay’ as much & as long as it is possible to care for me. I have much to ‘raise’ in terms of profile for this ‘disease’. I can be of attention to assist others. I can be learnt from; I can teach about it. And so, for what it is worth, my time here can be worthwhile [And as if by human analogy & example, the physical immobilisation, yet continued knowledge & information generated by Stephen Hawking is conveyed].
Thank you, Ra.
Ra, Sue tells me that, your ‘diagnosed condition’ can be considered contagious to other snakes. How do you feel you can be most effective to help & raise profile of such a disease if you mainly need to be isolated from others?
[By response, he conveys by analogy the thought that any author or artist does not need to be ‘out there’ themselves – only the result of their research, their pictures, their name...]
...I can do this ‘behind the scenes’...please tell Sue.

Thank you, Ra. I send you such thoughts of Light, Sun & healing..
[ at this, it is as if his image suddenly ‘glows’ & I am drawn to thinking of how much a receptacle of Light his essence is representing; and too, of his having a resonance with energy healing, especially].
..And, do you have any further message for Sue, before we close on this communication today?
Yes, Jane, please tell her the long yellow bits don’t need ‘sweeping up’...
Can you explain this a bit further, Ra?
Yes, Jane...the ‘threads’ don’t need ‘pulling’.*
Okay, Ra. I will pass this on to Sue. Bless you & thank you, for this communication.
[And he is quiet; closing his eyes like little shutters up & down...& ready to be still & quiet...again... where he is...].

* Sue & her husband - prior to the AC - both independently gave energy healing sessions to Ra, unknown to me. On receiving Ra’s transcript  Sue stated that during healing, she had energetic–ly felt ‘strings’ or ‘thread’s extending out from Ra of which initially she felt drawn to pulling on as part of the healing session. Her husband remarked of exactly the same experience. It appears Ra describes this.

Inclusion Body Disease, (IBD), first recognised in the mid 1970’s, is considered an incurable, contagious & fatal ‘disease’ exclusively affecting the ‘boid’ family of snakes, ie pythons & boas. A definitive cause is yet to be established though currently thought a type of retrovirus (‘inclusion bodies’) is causative, or that the condition is spread by the snake mite parasite Ophionyssus natricis, though this is not found in all cases. Some snakes may be asymptomatic but still carriers of IBD.
IBD symptoms vary but include nervous system disorders, loss of muscle co-ordination, weight loss, respiratory infections & paralysis & discomfort.
Until more studies can be made to understand this ‘disease’, prevention is the only line of defence.

Sue Colman, aka ‘Snakey Sue’ runs a Serpent Sanctuary in East Anglia, currently home to 46 (+) non-venomous snakes of all sizes & descriptions. Sue dedicatedly funds the sanctuary herself through encouraging a wider acceptance of, appreciation & love of snakes in general. Her work includes live snake presentations, educational talks for schools, clubs, parties & community events, therapy for special needs & gentle assistance for previously considered snake ‘phobics’.
Sue may be contacted on: 01255 722326 or at



 In loving memory of Ra,10th February 2011.

Max, Grey Weimeraner

The following transcript is detailed here by kind permisssion of Kat Berard - Max's person.
Kat requested I communicate with Max, a 14 year, handsome grey Weimeraner & her dearly loved canine companion regarding his imminent transition from this physical life. She phrased the questions she most wished to ask & the following session was made on February 3rd 2010.
Max passed over in gentleness & peace, Friday 5th February 2010.

 Animal Communicator: Jane Summers
Hello Max. My name is Jane, I am an animal communicator & friend to Kat, & on her behalf, I have been asked to communicate with you...
I know Jane, I know. There are a lot of people doing this just now [& he conveys a sense as if he has many ‘journalists’ as such writing, putting their ‘view point’ on his ‘story’ across. As if he has suddenly never had so many people writing about him in such a short time & that he has become The news as such. Yet in his private, wonderful non-ego mind he is truly so not fussed about this & conveys a sense that even if the whole world were writing about him he would still never become ego-orientated about such a thing. He is who he is, a such noble soul whose mission in ‘life’ is to go about as such without ever needing or expressing the need to be ‘thanked’ – such is his non-ego way – as a soul so truly highly evolved, that he does not even need recognition of the goodness he does or has done. A Loving presence of acceptance, a loving presence of such unconditional Love, it is as if it is in its purest state of being. Yet in his physicality, to others it can (now) appear as if this individual Love presence is disappearing. He then conveys an image of this sense, & by analogy, it is of a heart-shaped balloon; full to its capacity with the air inside expressed from Love. And how, if such a fragile reality were to then pop & burst, - how its contents truly are still around but just not in the ‘casing’ as before – the balloon itself. That its ‘outer skin’ just contained all that energy; that ‘breath’, that effort that had gone into creating such a wonderful, beautiful bright balloon – but that such fragile beauty in its simplistic form as the analogy of this, is not physically forever. Yet the contents – the air & the Love that went into forming Carrying this further, he conveys the sense of one having blown this balloon up for a party; of the giggles in between the breaths of blowing & of the half blown balloon making its funny noises & seemingly sometimes not to be being inflated straight away as one might think it might do...& even of it making funny windy noises when bits of air escape. Of friends giggling on another attempt to further inflate it further...& then to its...Maximum... capacity.
Too, of the humour & Love that is involved in such preparations for such a ‘party’ event...& of preparations often being more, if not, as, fun as the actual event itself... & of the full blown balloon.
Then, inflated, it contains all the Loving party energy & comrade-ship inhaled into it throughout its creation.
.... Placed on a silver string; bobbing & bouncing as if in expression of happiness itself.
He conveys this as a mark of a celebration of his life, & that the air that he has breathed will, & as with the balloons, later be released into the Universe around him, forever there, & forever ‘tangible’ in its own way.

He then brings me back to the word ‘Maximum’. And as well as being a part of the analogy above; he is conveying he has (now) reached his physicality to maximum. But, also he is showing me this word again. And this time, it is in recognition of you Kat; as his Maximum; & that he could not have found a ‘Mum’ (U.S.... ‘Mom’ ) who did anything less than the ‘max’ towards him with care. And finally, the word is shown to me again & as indicative of the link, of the oneness of your connection together; & of the singular ‘I’ – (I as One) between you both... Max-i-mum].
Thank you, Max. Kat has some questions she would like me to put to you. Though I know & respect you have already communicated with a number of people already...
That’s alright, Jane. It is part of my [job/path...& he ‘smiles’]...a little bit more won’t [matter] [Though he conveys a certain tiredness, & I am drawn to feeling grateful I only wish to ask of him mentally rather than physically, but in consequence I feel I should ask him further...]

Max, are you happy to communicate with me?
Yes, of course, Jane. I am just very tired.
Thank you, Max.
Max, firstly, Kat asks: ‘What do you most want me to know about you that I do not understand?’
She needs to know that she has understood me as a dog; of the dog soul I am, to an extent that surpasses ‘normal’ relations of our soul essences in physical form. She needs to understand that it should not be taken lightly, that the work we have put in is precious & that forever more it will become a mark, a signature in such relations. As the world progresses, her union mentally with me will be seen as a [benchmark] of reality. She is to know it will never be forgotten & that as we have lived, so others will take form & shape & comfort from reports on that reality.
Thank you, Max. That is lovely. Yet I can’t help thinking that Kat does already know & realises how precious your connection is. Can you convey something I may tell her further of a new type of understanding she may know?
I am not a dog to [mince my words] & what I have said, I mean. The knowledge & expression she & have between us is [historical].

Thank you, Max. Kat asks next: ‘How do you want me to remember you?’
[It is as if he conveys a sense of privacy on this point; & that you & he have such personal memories between you, that, I, as a third party, need not be privy to such personal memories. His character conveys as being an extremely private individual & of his therefore being guarded, restrictive & as such monitoring what he may give out or respond to. And that, you, Kat, are the only one truly privy to his inner thoughts].

Okay, I respect that, Max. Can I convey anything to Kat from her asking that question though Max?
[He ‘smiles’] She will have no trouble remembering me. I will (be) & am all around her in essence of memory [& he conveys a sense of your running your hands through bubbles ( ie in a bubble bath or sink full of soap bubbles),& of the softness & the subtle beauty of this, yet as such of the fleetingness of such substance, but that it always remaining a part of daily existence; always available to feel & of everyday reality; & as continuously done as everyday bathing or washing with bubbles].

Thank you, Max.
Max, Kat asks: ‘What can I do to best honor and support your passing? I will have candles, red roses, crystals and stones, a prayer, and will call on others to be there for you including but not limited to Bubba and The Council. I will also offer you Reiki/universal energy before and after you pass. Is there anything else you would like?’
...For Kat to hold peace in her heart, Jane. That, I realise is the most [arduous] piece on any ‘list’. It is the holding it there [& he shows me, by analogy, as, Peace in your heart, as being like a glue ,on two pieces of china, ... & of the pieces being held together until the glue finally just sticks & so holds them together itself. He conveys that you have this glue & that you have been holding the pieces in place together with all your might & are doing so just now. He conveys for me to tell you that even if the pieces wobble or fall away, that you have to pick them up to hold them together again, that in time, they will stick. They will fit together & stay there so well; you & Peace.
 He conveys for you to just gently hold these pieces together meanwhile, & so to be gentle with yourself. For you to know too, that many other energies, others, angelic realms & otherwise are helping hold these very pieces together. And an image is conveyed of many, many angelic hands, butterfly-like & with a lightness of touch around you holding you, & the pieces together.
He shows me of the pieces being glued as being a china heart. And despite the trickiness of holding them together now, in time, & despite such a break, both pieces will be joined firmly together again. And such a heart will find peace; be a symbol of peace ...& will find restoration is possible...& in time, may be stronger from this].

 Thank you, Max. Is there anything physically you feel Kat can do to best honour & support your passing?

Well, Jane, I think she knows that all she is doing is for her own expression of honouring my & our Love & bond. Please, she knows this. I would love her just as much if she [plucked a single daisy from the garden] & was simply just there for me herself. The material effects, I am touched that Kat is raising the energy so much more by inter-grating such things. It is part of her way & rightly so. (But) I need for her to know, honouring me in her own mind, for me, is & will always be enough. And for that she need never make a list; she need never worry such honour will slip or go astray or that plans will go awry. Her mind is enough, Jane, please tell her that.
Thank you, Max. I will.
Max, Kat also asks: What did you like most about your life with me/us?
I would like the times we spent together ‘talking’; she & I just [hanging out]. I didn’t want lots of going places, yet I would join her & others’ you do... [He ‘smiles’]. I was always a ‘home being & my place with Kat, at home, was always a celebration in itself. [And he conveys how he feels you always made their meal times as such fun, & as if, for him, he was already dining at the finest restaurant & or party; the food was just so good. And he is so grateful for all you did & do].
Thank you, Max.
Max, Kat asks too: ‘What were you teaching me in our time together?’
I was teaching her simply to be herself. That of taking stock, that of home being a place where you re-charge, re-balance & get yourself into a ‘space’ where you then are ready to go & present yourself as such to the world. I held the energy in the house for her to re-balance herself. She has been doing this so well, now, Jane. I know this week & recent situations have been & are testing, but she has become & come into the space of herself more. And whilst I have been at home, it’s been nice, & in fact lovely, & to see her ‘find’ herself on a level that was hidden before. [And he conveys the analogy of a teacher telling a class that a certain course had now been completed; & of the students exclaiming they didn’t actually want it to finish; & of their not wanting to leave. Then, of the teacher reassuring them that further advanced opportunities are available next term, but not as a repeat of all they have done before; & that their recent course need not be a finality with the same master].
Thank you, Max.
Max, Kat asks: What do you want me to know at this time?’
That simply, I Love her, Jane. Tell her this from my heart. I know she knows it, but it’s all she wants to hear. And, that my Love will always be there for her.
I know she knows this, but it is my most important message. Love; to hold this in ones heart, one need never know more than what Love feels like.

Can you explain this more, Max? As people it often seems we have so much more to contemplate along with Love.
Yes, Jane. What I mean is that, to know Love is the strongest most over-riding sense of knowledge; that, if it is applied to every single situation, that the answer will come forth. One needs to Love truthfully & with integrity of meaning to ones individuality & soul purpose, of course. It is no good loving something just because another does; in fact, one can’t....even food. If someone says ‘you’ll love this’...& you don’ is not fulfilling the knowledge your (physical) body is requiring. To be true to the cells of one’s body in a heartfelt way then allows our inner knowledge to surface...& from this all answers are found. [He ‘smiles’]. Quite simply one may not need to ask another an answer.
Thank you, Max. Though in such cases as individuals learning from others, surely it is good to ask?
Yes, it is, Jane. Of course, but your question to me from Kat asked me what she was to learn from me...& I was to teach her more of her knowing her own answers. For outer or historical wisdom that others have experienced one asks others, for inner intuitive wisdom of one’s path, one lets knowledge surface in oneself.

Thank you, Max.
Max, Kat lastly asks: ‘What do you want humanity to know at this time?’
That we are all [ALL] going forward together, Jane. All of us, & in a big way; no-one is left behind (though) they may feel that way, yet it is like [a toddler running a few paces behind a mother in a supermarket; with the child thinking ‘I can’t keep up...where has she gone’... & feeling panic...anxiety... & little legs tiring from running. But if the child could only know there is just no way that they are actually being left behind; that should they truly fall a certain distance away...that the loving Mother energy will come back & find them, scoop them up in her arms & once again both & all are together, & safe].
Thank you, Max. Can you tell me more?
Yes, Jane. It is a time of transition, a big time. And [He ‘sighs’] it is for souls like mine to go on...& as such prepare for those soon to be arriving. [And he conveys the sense as if he is almost an organiser of some sort of massive party event, & of his having to ‘leave ahead of time’ from the preliminary introductions, so to get first to the house to ensure all will be ‘in place’ for when the others, en masse, arrive to celebrate].
Thank you, Max.
Max, what can Kat do to help herself cope with your physical absence once you have transitioned?
She will know, Jane. She will find peace in a way so unexpected; it will touch her heart & will as such be the [final glue on her pieces of china heart].
Thank you Max, but can you tell me anything else which may help her cope in the meantime?
Please know you won’t need to, Jane. She is blessed with so many angels. She is blessed with so many good energies. I can only trust she need be gentle with herself. And emotions of course will release, yet it will be the most wonderful release-ment; it truly will as it has been made with Love so pure it will be as though a thousand stars have sprinkled from the sky upon her. And when a tear may fall, one may just remind her though...through ones tears one’s view seems blurred... (but) everything is still there. Everything is still around you as you saw before you cried – and, as my Soul & my Love & my Essence, will, always be for her.
She knows that Jane... She so knows this...why I am telling you...

Thank you, Max. I know Kat knows such things Max. It’s just being a physical being, sometimes reassurance of ones own confirmations, really helps.
Do you have a further message for me to pass to Kat?
Yes, tell her the pieces will stick together with a universal glue as never seen before. Tell her she has been holding the restoration of her heart so is no wonder her fingers may feel a little numb...& that soon will be time to let go...
And for her to trust, truly, that the pieces will stay together for always, on their own (together) further effort required.
 [And with this, he conveys an image of a small china heart, glued, restored & immaculately in one piece - with the exception of a small hair-line crack from when it once broke; the line visible only slightly as if a hair...though somehow denoting a meaning ...of a being ‘only a whisker away’].

Thank you for this communication, Max. So many blessings with your transition & I wish you so much love.
Thank you, Jane. I Bless you too...

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Kat Berard is an internationally recognised Animal Communicator & teacher based in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.  I credit her encouragement & tuition as being the primary instrumental source of my own development in animal communication & cannot praise highly enough her generosity of Spirit, knowledge & the accumulated wisdom she continues to share with others.
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