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The following communication is included with kind permission of Margie Robbins


An animal communication transcript largely reads like a conversation between two individuals:


1) The animal communicator

2) The animal.

  1. The communicators’ words & thoughts are written in regular type - & without any brackets.

  2. The animals’ main responses are written in italics without any brackets.


[.....] Words or sentences in square brackets:

Square bracketed words detail accompanying emotions, feelings, images, analogies or metaphors, which are intuitively received at the

same time as the main response from the animal.


(.....) Words or sentences in round brackets:

Round bracketed words assist expression of the animals’ response. They are used when the animals’ response may be better

understood by the addition of such words.


The nature of telepathic communication is that the animals’ responses may be conveyed intuitively in many varying ways & oftentimes

are not to be taken as literally meant; therefore, be aware of any possible lateral meanings which may come to mind from an animals’

response; as these too can be intriguing & significant in their own right.

Thank you.


I was asked to telepathically communicate with a swarm of bees after they were found uncharacterisitically on the ground and outside their usual hive, by bee guardian, Margie Robbins.

On commencing the connection, I introduce myself and the nature of the communication....

~ ~

[There is, as if, a mass 'sound', like hundreds, literally, hundreds of individuals talking amongst themselves...and, too, as if, 'busy, busy, busily' (though as the saying.. almost..goes)..].

May I speak with your (bee) 'leader' or group soul conscience of your swarm, please?

Yes, Jane..[& it is, as if, a chorus or a dozen or more respond].

Okay. Who am I connecting with, please?

Yes, Jane. We are the collective consciousness of this swarm. It may sound 'like a dozen'. It is the way of finely tuning our 'ranks' so to communicate on your level..

Okay, thank you. Who can I address particularly throughout this communication please?

Yes, Jane. You may call us 'chorus twelve'- 'chorus'. [& with this, the word 'chorus' simultaneously conveys as some sort of derivative of the name 'Horus'; the Eqygptian god figure*].

Thank you. Okay. Margie, whom you will know, as the one who has been feeding you these last few days....

[Again, a 'swarm' of noise, as if in the background. And if is, as if the 'chorus' bees are needing to speak up and over the background sounds. And so it is, as if, a little strained in their response being heard, but it is of..] Yes, Jane. We know of Margie. She is 'nectar' herself (meaning sweet natured).

Thank you, Chorus. Okay, Margie has some messages and questions, and I would be grateful for your fullest responses.

[And the sense of the 'Chorus' indviduals being in a kind of 'clique'/'club', conveys. As if they 'hang out' with all the others, but that they, the 'twelve' (or so) most obviously connecting with me, are (e)specially connected in comradery].

Can you explain why so many of your swarm were on the ground when Margie found you?

We need to 'sort ourselves out' [& the concept conveys, metaphorically, that if one had a muddled and confused handbag, all contents all muddled up, that, to sort it all out, that the best thing would be to tip the lot out on the floor- spread it all out- so, to sort it out. And that, if such a muddle has occurred it is almost fruitless trying to sort it out while it remains in its 'compartments'].

Okay, thank you. Why are you needing to 'sort yourselves out'?

We need to assimilate what has happened to us. [& a sense of individuals behaving drunkenly; needing 'space', as they tend to weave around and collide with the others, conveys] On a 'human scale' it is of pollution [& conveys with this the sense of, by analogy, ie, too much hair spray having been ingested. And, to cope with it, you 'go outside' in the fresh air, to get as much air as possible. You sit still; you really don't feel like moving. Your body is repelling the disgusting feeling of ingesting this substance. You wonder what it has 'done to your insides', and, you trust your body will 'get over it', but, until you can feel you can 'breathe easier again', it feels best, oh, so, best to remain in the open air. With this, too, is the feeling of nauseousness, and of how, one can in such a state, seem, almost 'locked' into coping with the arising sensation. The 'taste' of a hairspray type substance is conveyed. And in consequence, one remains stock still, or, 'fidgety' in a way one usually would not be. And, if a human, one might be then fiddling at a small thread, as if focus is needing to be applied on some small 'other' area, so to 'cope' with the bodily sensation of nauseousness, yet not actually vomitting. A real feeling of unwellness and not quite knowing 'where to put' oneself].

I am so sorry, Chorus, and all of you, Bees. Margie asks: Are you 'suffering' from poisoning?

Yes, it certainly feels as if it is toxic to our way of being (and,'Bee-ing'). It is not that we seek to omit our experience of this, as we cope, but to on-lookers(& like observing individuals unwell) we realise it can appear distressing.

Thank you, Chorus. Margie asks: What can (Margie) do to help you?

She is helping us. She is assisting us in more ways than she can currently imagine. It is as well to be ['remedied/cared for' by a 'nurse tending bedside'. And conveys the concept of how, if, individuals are unwell, that, of how appreciative,they are to find ones food/meals taken care of, and love generated towards their situation. And, now, the bees are conveying of how particularly attuned they are, to love and loving thoughts. And that despite all physical presentations, the reality, of, such loving care being initiated ten-fold, -because of their situation,- has more implicated depth to its 'power' than in human terms may currently be appreciated].

Thank you, Chorus Bees. However, what else, or more can Margie do to assist you, and or, help you to feel better or more comfortable?

Yes, Jane. It may well be that many of us don't physically survive [& the thought conveys that although they are 'spacing themselves out' so to 'sort themselves out', that, ideally, they 'need' even more 'air/'space'- 'fresh air' for each single individual. And, as, ironically, it is their way to 'stick together', this 'banding' in this case has the repercussion of intensifying the odours/vapours/essence of the substance ingested. Yet, too, for moral and banded support, they are of comfort to each other throughout this time].

Okay. Thank you, Chorus Bees. Though from a physical point of view, can Margie do anything to assist you....?

[Simultaneously, & on my repeating the question, the concept of Oxygen being gently blown in to a glass tank, type-scenario conveys; & too, of how a person may receive oxygen medically. And then, the bees reply:].

It is supplying 'air' on a physical level,which, we surmise may simply not be possible, Jane. Please know that if it is we 'die' in physical terms, it is, and will be amidst the open air of the English countryside, as nature intended, fed, on sweetest water, cared for; loved, by human hands of angelic lightness of touch. And from a heart that shines as purely in connection, with us, as brightest Light. Who would not wish a gentler 'passing' in circumstances as these?

Thank you, Chorus. And, bless you.

(Margie also says:) Please know, that she, Margie, will respect your decision and any choice you make about your future. Though she will be sad if you (physically) die.

Please convey that sadness is not for our existance though we appreciate it is of the human compendium of emotions. We strive for renewal – and our honey-ed bodies, if, when passing... will decompose and our souls will fly as never we did in this 'human life'. We will re-incarnate as bees, in another realm, another time. Nothing is lost but a time when once we 'were' [& the 'voice',as if 'smiles'].

Thank you. Margie also says, to tell you: She (Margie) has an immense love for you and wants to do everything she can for all of beekind. Margie says too, she wants to learn better communication soul to soul with you, and she feels blessed to be able to serve you.

[At this, an image conveys, of, as if, they as a swarm rise up and are moving in unision. A gentle swirl of fluencey in their movement. And in an almost surreal gesture of 'honouring' your statement, now, in a swarm they convey, as if they are 'bowing' at (or to) you, Margie. Honouring your very heart and being. What a beautiful gesture this conveys as being ...and, if it were shown on a screen, it conveys depicted now as if in animation to illustrate the beauty of the 'formation' – and akin to a murmuration].

Thank you, Chorus Bees. Margie lastly asks: Is there anything you wish to tell Margie?

To just let us remain whilst we can, safely, where we are. We realise we are open to the elements, but in such circumstance, how can we go 'inside'? It may be (for) many, of 'our' time to 'pass over'. Some of us may continue - there is a lot to process (sort out re the ingestion) yet our time with this experience will prove not to have been in vain.

Thank you, Chrous bees. Margie has mentioned to me that she believes you are currently without a queen amongst you. Is this correct?

Yes, Jane. We need to 'sort ourselves out' – what use is a bunch of workers on 'sick leave'?['smiles'].

I see. Is there something Margie can do regarding introducing a 'new' colony to your swarm nearby?

[And the concept conveys of the consideration of placing a different hive/colony within a certain distance to their hive. And as if of a place of refuge for 'survivors' existing. Too, that by analogy, of the current hive, being akin to a hospital ward, its inmates gone, yet still as if 'tainted' by the memory of the mass unwellness and such energies remaining within the structure itself. And so benefiting from being 'refreshed' energetically before new inmates reside].

Thank you, Bees,.. Chorus Bees, especially. Do you wish to relay any more to me, or for Margie, before we close on this communication?

No, though thank you. It is as well that we rest. It is as well that we have 'spoken' though. All, is, as it is, meant to 'Bee'..

Bless you and Thank you. I send you all, such Love.

[And there is a hum- a real gentle hum-, this time.. and it is as if it vibrates..and conveys as how, when one hums and your lips vibrate at the sound...a real gentle soft hum and vibration. And they send this feeling. And too, it now conveys as if a record were fading out on the radio..softer, and softer...and until, is silent].


~ ~ ~

*On typing out this transcript, I became curious to investigate if any information could be found to clarify the inferred connection with Horus and the Bees.

And. according to mythology, the god, Horus' right eye represented the Sun. In later Eygyptian dynastic times, Ra, god of the Sun, was merged with Horus.  It is said that Ra cried Bees for tears.

Ref: Wikipedia & Andrew Gough, The Bee: Part One - Beedazzled.



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