"Why have I & so many others been experiencing such an intenseness of busy-ness these days, also such tiredness, shakiness, seemingly so-much-more-to-do in the time one 'has' each day, than ever before, along with a flurry of events, almost leaving a 'spinning' feeling from experiencing & coping with everything.....?"


 "As the vibration of everything is 'speeding up', & each individual too, vibrating at a higher level, it can be thought of as the Universe is, as such, vibrating each individuals' reality 'sieve' - shaking it really fast, vibrating it -faster & faster, ...and so that it is ' sorting the chaff from the wheat' .

After such a 'shaking & vibrating', only the 'wheat' of each persons life will remain, all else drops away. Whilst we experience this, we can feel exhausted as we may do our best to remain focused despite vision feeling blurred &, or, our trying to to 'hold on', despite all the shaking up, to all that we had not realised before was not best serving our highest good.

This alone can lead to a real sense of mental tiredness, as if trying to continue to read your book whilst the Universe vibrated & shook it up as you continued to try to read it.

From this faster vibration happening, though, it is to realise that anything that is found not to be able to continue with, or resonate with, such vibration happening, that it is best let go of. And too, that anything which withstands the level of vibration, or resonates with it, will remain & be with you on a stronger level than before.

What one is left with then, is the 'wheat' -or, the cream rising to the top - a higher, purer, more stream-lined quality in the space of what once was."