...You have come through Love, or the likes of Love, before. It is, as with Life, a constant process of exploration & discovery. If the greatest explorers gave up on their quest for purpose, where would they be? Yet they reach summits & places of idyll – but they need to go down mountains...down...before they can go ‘up’ again.

Yes. If you need to go down...travel that way...don’t you realise it is because your experience of conquering ‘this’ mountain has now prepared you for the possibly biggest one in your life that you are now fully prepared to challenge.

Going down the side of your present ‘mountain’ summit, will bring you to the base of your highest challenge; conquering & or setting out on this one, may then bring you a life-times fulfilment & achievement.

Yet you cannot even set out at the base of this monumental inspiration you are viewing until you have descended the smaller height of where you are (now). Do you not see...the going down may seem frustrating when you wish to only go ‘up’ further...yet, it is a process of which, in this human landscape – it is the only achievable way.

Please know though, that going down a mountain side can be a lot easier & faster than you may initially realise. Ensure you move steady footedly. There is chance you may fall if you move too fast.

Be goat-like nimble, though sure. Test each step as you go. I know you are more than capable of a steady & safe route down, though ......you may find you have brought much of what is with you ‘down’ too. (Yet) [& she ‘smiles] to be lighter loaded, ironically may benefit you for your next higher ascent.

I know, I have been there myself. I understand your human dilemmas. It is kindness to acknowledge them. Yet like the mountaineer- prepared & aware there may be rocky ground - it does not prevent him keeping going in order to reach that summit with the grandest view of all.

(And then) from the greatest height of appreciation & fulfilment, knowing the path & perseverance which has finally brought him to his final place of inspiration (is) a place where his heart has always yearned to be.