A Sunday afternoon in 2012;  newspapers, log fire, cosy armchair, and Willow stretched out by my feet. She, occasionally 'dreaming'  her limbs making mock running movements, as she sleeps and then her furry body stretching out and contentedly making sounds of complete relaxation.  The fire gently crackling or giving tiny low whistles as the wood burns and warms us.
 I've read the lengthier articles and, now somewhat rested, am considering moving. Prolonging the moment, I flick through an article advocating Pilates and 10 week fitness regime, ...'Get a Body Like Pippa Middleton' the title calls...how women the world over have been inspired to do so.
I gently stretch. Willow raises her furry head (checking on me & our status of moving or not) though whilst keeping her torso stationary. I look down on her lovingly, immersed in the stillness we are sharing and musing on her wonderful physicality.   
'Willow, would you like a body like Pippa Middleton?' I ask.
“No..” She very swiftly replies.