Some years ago Species Link Journal posed the question 'How do I know I am hearing the animals and not just my own voice?" to AC-ers . For an animals viewpoint I put the enquiry to Willow, my companion Old English Sheepdog, then, aged 10. The following is what she conveyed:

Do you question your own voice in other circumstances?
If you do not know your own voice, then perhaps you are not in the 'centre' of yourself; as in acknowledging full recognition of yourself - & ie, not then being 'present'.
To be 'present', in the moment, in the 'space' for non-ego communication... to transmit....don't doubt. Do you doubt you know your own voice? Do you doubt you do not 'know yourself from another'?

Okay, Willow, thank you. What of the reality as phrased as 'we all are ONE' – how can you advise re this & then for any individual to be able to distinguish 'their' voice (intuitively) from another's?

Each has an individual 'pattern' (of light) amidst all of the ONE-ness. Yes, we are all connected but that is not to say one pattern does not know itself as 'being as that particular pattern'. [& the image of a carpet, by way of metaphor, conveys: of how it may have swirls at one part & squares or dots on another, it is all one but there are differing patterns, differing energetic vibrations of light].
It is to be as true & clean [& as a cleaned carpet; how bright & fresh it will then appear! ] & then even more so your 'pattern' shines out in contrast & or to complement those it is adjacent to.
Too, to be your true self then, you will distinguish yourself alongside others' patterns. [& in contrast, if a carpet is muddied, unclean of debris, its patterns may appear merged, blended & indistinguishable].
...for clearest distinguishable AC hold true to this notion [&, like a carpet holding its colours 'fast' – it then too can be its' one-ness in all its technicolour vibratory glory!]


Thank you, Willow.