Extract from a communication with Wispa, Border Collie x Standard Poodle.


Passed to spirit 2010

Animal Communicator: Jane Summers


"Yes, .... The so-called process of karma, is, just, that; an evolvement to a 'calmer' more centred 'place' of the heart.

If one is unable to resolve conflicts and disputes it, as such, slows down the speed of the 'calmic' 'wheel'. Ie, the rotation or 'spinning' of ones' heart chakra.

And, that really is all it is.

If, say, one is highly evolved, then the 'spinning' rotation of ones' vibration is extraordinarily fast. So fast...is as 'spun' as One with All.

And, in doing so, like a speeding, finely attuned mechanism, then there is as such no 'noise', there is a peace...a...calmness.

'Calmic' – or Karmic, then, we, as animals in consciousness and or whilst in physicality do experience the lifting of our souls evolvement yet, we do so by assisting others along their path.

The love we share with them, then as such fuels our own Love capacity into – and unto- one could say, a 'place' of calm. [she 'smiles]."