Jane Summers

April 2020


When a loved animal transitions to the Afterlife, it may take what we perceive as a certain amount of 'time' for their consciousness to acclimatize to their no longer being in physicality.

Some fields of thought are that the manner of transition, if by severe illness, medication or the immediacy of transition, may particularly affect how soon their consciousness acclimatizes to their being in 'pure spirit' after leaving physicality before being 'contactable'.

Equally, it may be that the animals' person from experiencing shock and grief is temporarily unable to feel as if they can access energetic connection with the 'passed' loved animal.

Such strong emotions can overwhelm, and so block, temporarily, ability to sense more subtle energetic conveyances. Such strong emotion may also be said to cause 'static' telepathically- as if a radio station is simply not tuned in, or is unable to be connected to at that time.

This is not to say the connection is no longer there.

Whilst it is true that some animals, - most commonly after a few days or weeks later-do, 'come through' to their people, either in a dream or via a 'sign' albeit metaphorically; for many, it is perceived that their animals have not 'come through' in this way.

This is not to say that the animal has not attempted to do so, but that their manner of connection or 'messaging' may have been conveyed in differing ways other than through dreams or perceivably obvious 'signs'.

One thing is for sure, whichever way an animal conveys from in spirit, to either message or assist their person, will usually present in such a gentle and subtle way, that when it happens, it may be unexpected and unique an experience.

But, if such a thing doesn't seem to be happening:

1. Firstly, do all you can to gently and surely go through the process of grieving for your animal friend. Your own personal process cannot be hurried. Give yourself time to heal.

2. Rest assured your loved animal in spirit, is, and will always be, contactable to you telepathically. Any feeling that they, or you are 'not getting anything coming through from them' in terms of contact, is just temporary.

3. Ensure you have sent your animal your blessings for them to 'go to the Light' and to find, and feel, at peace in consciousness 'where they are' in spirit. Talk to them as you would any dearly loved one to tell them how much you only wish the best for them – but too, that you are also with intent to feel at peace yourself.

4. Practise gentle ways to calm your mind, explore different ways of meditation, so that, as you heal through your grief, your mind becomes stronger, clearer and calmer. And in anticipated preparation for connecting intuitively all in good time.

5. Be open to less obvious ways that your animal friend in spirit is connecting with you, or helping you cope. Have you been drawn to learning animal communication, read a comforting book, or been led to a sympathetic contact who has assisted in your grief? You may well have been directed to do so by your loved animal in spirit themselves.

Alternatively, if after some time, you don't seem to have observed 'any' sort of notable connection from in spirit from your animal friend, it may well be that they have given their energy to assisting you in ways that simply are 'not recognizable in the physical'; but in the 'bigger picture' by way of assistance actually surpass dreams, signs and physically tangible 'messages'.

6. Rather than asking them for a message or sign from in spirit, give gratitude for all your animal friend gave and did for you. And in thanking them, add that whilst now they have left their physical body, that you honour and will continue to honour the ongoing love connection you have with them, and that you are with the intent that this will be felt, as soon as possible, as one of peace of mind, for you both.

7. If your desire for a 'message' continues to present as important to you, gently ask (whichever form of Higher guidance you believe in), for a gentle sign that your loved animal is at peace and well in consciousness 'in spirit'. Give gratitude for this as you ask.

8. But overall, know that whatever time frame spans out, perceived message or not, that your animal friend in spirit, is, in a loving environment and is being looked after with, and by, a source of Love.