Extract from a communication with Maddy, Beautiful black cat.

Passed to Spirit June 2019

Animal Communicator: Jane Summers


"My Dear Darling Jane,  I am still with and amongst, You, Arnie, Grace and the household just as much as ever I was before the transition. I dwell, if you like, in a perpetual fluidity of mind space, which to all intents of understanding is of what ‘reality’ is composed. Not as a figment of construction but of an energy in its own right; a ‘scent’, an ‘extinguished vapour’, a ‘tone’ in the atmosphere (if one were to observe the sky). It is of an ‘All or Nothing’ for want of a better expression.

It is, as if, (metaphorically) the food you have consumed is out of sight yet you know it – in its converted form - is still continuing to nourish and be in existence within you. This, in simplistic explanation is how one continues to know in ones' heart, like food consumed, that whilst not physically visible, that ‘it’ - ‘I’ as Maddy as you knew me as being, still ‘exists’ in this way - within your heart.

And of my ‘boxing’; ‘container’ whilst of the physical, - that like an ornate designer robe so, so loved, (that it) became torn from use, and of recycling to the Mother Earth of ground was for its next and final placement.

You see...-well in physical terms, not, of course -...but in those of transformation of ‘where I am’; I am in your heart.

I am still amidst all you love. Where Love goes, I am."