Animal Communication Mini Transcripts

Jane Summers 


 Copyright 2015

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How AC Can Convey

Grace: Female Long-haired Black Cat

Jane Summers

Back to Black

I am sitting at the living room table just having finished breakfast. I often position myself so to see and view the beauty of the cats wherever they may be. On this occasion I am unable to place my chair to face both Maddie and Grace.

So I turn to face the nearest, Maddie, and in doing so catch myself mentally conveying

'..please excuse my back, Gracie..'

Instantly, I muse if such a term might even be applicable to her.

But in a flash she has answered my thoughts.

“That's okay, I love your back as much as your front..” She replies.

Touched, I turn around. And Grace herself has her - very beautiful, black - back to me, whilst completely absorbed in grooming.


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Willow: Old English Sheepdog

Jane Summers

Locating Willow's Limp

After inspecting her paws; in between her pads, checking for any mud clumped lumps seeds, twigs or berries caught in her darling hairy feet, and feeling all around her paw pads and as thoroughly I could (or so I thought).
I asked her 'what is causing you to limp?
It isn't the front, its the back” she conveyed.

Momentarily mystified, I puzzled that maybe she had pulled a muscle in her heel or ankle area (relatively). But then the penny dropped.
If we hold up our hand, we consider the palm the 'front', and the reverse of our hand the 'back'.
And so I then went to inspect the top of her paw.
  And yes, the sweetheart had somehow caught her 'cuticle' at the rim of her claw, on the back of her paw, in a small area I had missed locating. Though thankfully not seriously.
After gently bathing in warm salt water, lots of love, & rest, she soon though was walking fine again.


Brushed & Ready

I'd brushed Willow in the morning, her usual routine before our first walk.
And now, we were off to see my Aunt, whom I'd not seen for years.

As we drove, I glanced at Willow in the rear view mirror and at the back of her lovely head (she always sat facing the road behind).
'”Oh, I forgot to brush you again” I mentally caught myself thinking,as a random thought towards our readiness flashed through my mind (though in truth she always looked lovely, brushed or not..).
That's okay...I'm 'brushed' inside” she replied.
And of course, that's all that really matters.

In memory of darling Willow. Old English Sheepdog. Passed to spirit 3rd May 2016.

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Body Image

A Sunday afternoon in 2012;  newspapers, log fire, cosy armchair, and Willow stretched out by my feet. She, occasionally 'dreaming'  her limbs making mock running movements, as she sleeps and then her furry body stretching out and contentedly making sounds of complete relaxation.  The fire gently crackling or giving tiny low whistles as the wood burns and warms us.
 I've read the lengthier articles and, now somewhat rested, am considering moving. Prolonging the moment, I flick through an article advocating Pilates and 10 week fitness regime, ...'Get a Body Like Pippa Middleton' the title women the world over have been inspired to do so.
I gently stretch. Willow raises her furry head (checking on me & our status of moving or not) though whilst keeping her torso stationary. I look down on her lovingly, immersed in the stillness we are sharing and musing on her wonderful physicality.   
'Willow, would you like a body like Pippa Middleton?' I ask.
“No..” She very swiftly replies.



Madelaine: Female Long-haired Black Cat

Jane Summers


Shortly after the referendum on Britain exiting the E.U. one animal lover wrote to me sincerely asking what animals thought of 'Brexit'..& could I please ask them.

This caused me to ponder the apparent enormity of implications of (if ever) doing so. Not least of how one could ever truly validate whatever was conveyed as not being a projection of the Acers personal viewpoint. Too, would the animal consulted be permitted to be a 'remainer' in the household if they disagreed with their person..!? And so on.

The utter complexity of how one might possibly attempt to relay such a multitudinous concept to any animal via AC was in short momentous. And I would have to decline.

The next morning, on coming into the kitchen, though still silently musing the enquiry, I caught myself absent-mindedly greeting Elder cat with: 'Morning Maddy...what do you think of Brexit..?”

As quick as a flash, she'd replied.

“Did you say.. 'Breakfast'?”


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The Busy-ness of Life


Border Collie X Standard Poodle

MARCH 2012 Jane Summers

 "Why have I & so many others been experiencing such an intenseness of busy-ness these days, also such tiredness, shakiness, seemingly so-much-more-to-do in the time one 'has' each day, than ever before, along with a flurry of events, almost leaving a 'spinning' feeling from experiencing & coping with everything.....?"


 "As the vibration of everything is 'speeding up', & each individual too, vibrating at a higher level, it can be thought of as the Universe is, as such, vibrating each individuals' reality 'sieve' - shaking it really fast, vibrating it -faster & faster, ...and so that it is ' sorting the chaff from the wheat' .

After such a 'shaking & vibrating', only the 'wheat' of each persons life will remain, all else drops away. Whilst we experience this, we can feel exhausted as we may do our best to remain focused despite vision feeling blurred &, or, our trying to to 'hold on', despite all the shaking up, to all that we had not realised before was not best serving our highest good.

This alone can lead to a real sense of mental tiredness, as if trying to continue to read your book whilst the Universe vibrated & shook it up as you continued to try to read it.

From this faster vibration happening, though, it is to realise that anything that is found not to be able to continue with, or resonate with, such vibration happening, that it is best let go of. And too, that anything which withstands the level of vibration, or resonates with it, will remain & be with you on a stronger level than before.

What one is left with then, is the 'wheat' -or, the cream rising to the top - a higher, purer, more stream-lined quality in the space of what once was."


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The Meaning of Life

Jane Summers

Waiting in the car with my dog companion, Wispa, I ponderingly, absent mindedly, whilst watching passers-by going about their business, mentally asked her:

". Wispa, What is the meaning of Life.."

"..Being yourself." she gently replied.


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How do I know I'm hearing the animals & not my own voice?"
July 2012 Jane Summers

Some years ago Species Link Journal posed this question to AC-ers . For an animals viewpoint I put the enquiry to Willow, my companion, then, aged 10. The following is what she conveyed:

Do you question your own voice in other circumstances?
If you do not know your own voice, then perhaps you are not in the 'centre' of yourself; as in acknowledging full recognition of yourself - & ie, not then being 'present'.
To be 'present', in the moment, in the 'space' for non-ego communication... to transmit....don't doubt. Do you doubt you know your own voice? Do you doubt you do not 'know yourself from another'?

Okay, Willow, thank you. What of the reality as phrased as 'we all are ONE' – how can you advise re this & then for any individual to be able to distinguish 'their' voice (intuitively) from another's?

Each has an individual 'pattern' (of light) amidst all of the ONE-ness. Yes, we are all connected but that is not to say one pattern does not know itself as 'being as that particular pattern'. [& the image of a carpet, by way of metaphor, conveys: of how it may have swirls at one part & squares or dots on another, it is all one but there are differing patterns, differing energetic vibrations of light].
It is to be as true & clean [& as a cleaned carpet; how bright & fresh it will then appear! ] & then even more so your 'pattern' shines out in contrast & or to complement those it is adjacent to.
Too, to be your true self then, you will distinguish yourself alongside others' patterns. [& in contrast, if a carpet is muddied, unclean of debris, its patterns may appear merged, blended & indistinguishable].
...for clearest distinguishable AC hold true to this notion [&, like a carpet holding its colours 'fast' – it then too can be its' one-ness in all its technicolour vibratory glory!]


Thank you, Willow.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

~ Wispa ~


Endings & Beginnings

 Human Love Relationships


APRIL 2009 Jane Summers


...You have come through Love, or the likes of Love, before. It is, as with Life, a constant process of exploration & discovery. If the greatest explorers gave up on their quest for purpose, where would they be? Yet they reach summits & places of idyll – but they need to go down mountains...down...before they can go ‘up’ again.

Yes. If you need to go that way...don’t you realise it is because your experience of conquering ‘this’ mountain has now prepared you for the possibly biggest one in your life that you are now fully prepared to challenge.

Going down the side of your present ‘mountain’ summit, will bring you to the base of your highest challenge; conquering & or setting out on this one, may then bring you a life-times fulfilment & achievement.

Yet you cannot even set out at the base of this monumental inspiration you are viewing until you have descended the smaller height of where you are (now). Do you not see...the going down may seem frustrating when you wish to only go ‘up’ further...yet, it is a process of which, in this human landscape – it is the only achievable way.

Please know though, that going down a mountain side can be a lot easier & faster than you may initially realise. Ensure you move steady footedly. There is chance you may fall if you move too fast.

Be goat-like nimble, though sure. Test each step as you go. I know you are more than capable of a steady & safe route down, though may find you have brought much of what is with you ‘down’ too. (Yet) [& she ‘smiles] to be lighter loaded, ironically may benefit you for your next higher ascent.

I know, I have been there myself. I understand your human dilemmas. It is kindness to acknowledge them. Yet like the mountaineer- prepared & aware there may be rocky ground - it does not prevent him keeping going in order to reach that summit with the grandest view of all.

(And then) from the greatest height of appreciation & fulfilment, knowing the path & perseverance which has finally brought him to his final place of inspiration (is) a place where his heart has always yearned to be.



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 AC in Spirit
  Johnnie, Male Tabby Cat
~ Regarding reassurance to go forward, after thinking things through ~

Jane Summers

"I would like to say,.... that your consciousness goes before you; your consideration of each & every move goes before you, as in a sweep gently brushing a path wide & clean in front of its walk. Your kindness, good meaning & well intentioned motives, no matter how you may feel in between times, will ensure you are blessed, made way for...& yes, even ceremoniously more than you may ever realise just now.
For you are a power of great reflectivity; a light in this world that will never be extinguished as you have made it your business to have touched/ ‘touch-flamed’ (torched/ lit up) a small piece of so many hearts that should you ever now feel that you need a lighting of your way – that you will find these touch-flames may now unite in force, to guide you along your path at a time when your own light may be somewhat subdued.
Rest assured you are guided.  I am blessed to be here for you. And the touch-flame of how you touched my physical life, burns in my soul, lighting my inch of your path before you. Rest assured if you may take a step...your way is lit, & from lights you never thought would ‘come on’ - & may they come forth, so you know & realise how much you are loved & cared for...on this side, on your side, & for all eternity."

~ ~ ~