Which Situations May Animal Communication Help With?

  • Behavioural situations - if the cause is not physical, it may well be emotionally based.
  • Learning more about the needs, likes and dislikes of a particular animal.
  • Introducing new animals to the household.
  • Conveying information you need them to know.
  • Answering questions concerning death and dying.
  • Addressing many other issues which may be as individual as the animals themselves. Animals are renowned 'mirrors' of their persons own mental and emotional mindsets. Communication may also clarify a persons thinking regarding how they personally truly feel towards a situation.

 animal communication


Intuitive Bodyscans ~

During a communication session it is often possible to tune in to an animal in such a way that impressions and sensations are received, which can represent how the animal is feeling physically.  Since only Veterinary Surgeons are permitted however to diagnose or give medical advise, I must stress that any information I relay through communicating is not to be interpreted as diagnosis or advice on any medical condition, but simply for your consideration. A Veterinary Surgeon should always be the first point of contact regarding an animals' health.


Animals In Spirit ~

I am aware this may seem incredible to those holding different beliefs in death and dying.  However, from validations and feedback on the accuracy of past communications, I personally have no doubt that this is possible.

Communication with an animal in spirit can be a source of comfort and reassurance - giving peace of mind and sometimes the longed for, often elusive, feeling of 'closure' on the relationship shared with an animal physically.