Animal Communicator


 Animal Communication

is just as possible too

with those

 In Spirit



 I am aware this may seem incredible to those holding differing views on death and dying, yet with gentle respect, I have every belief in consciousness - of any individual -continuing to 'exist' after physical death.

Countless validations, feedback on accuracy of past communications, realisation that an animal 'in spirit' so often conveys the most heart touching pieces of wisdom over & beyond that even intuited in the physical, has resulted in this aspect of my work  -  animals in spirit - being the most honouring & resonating of all.

 Communication with a companion in spirit, too, can be a source of comfort and reassurance to the animals' person - giving peace of mind and sometimes the longed for, often elusive, feeling of 'closure' on a relationship with a special animal friend physically.

 It is understandble & very human to grieve the physical loss of a so dearly loved animal companion. Though if it can be of any assistance in ease to know, it is my & many others belief that the consciousness of an individual 'in spirit' enables them to clearly know & connect to their loved ones thoughts & feelings -  sometimes on a level surpassed of that demonstrated even in their physical life - & in varying & comparatively unusual ways. 

Requesting a communication with a much loved animal, in spirit, is of an especially personal timing to the animals person.  If, when, or if ever... this feels appropriate to you,  I would be honoured to communicate* with your animal friend.

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 To arrange any animal communication session, please also refer to 'Booking & Cost' & AC Booking Form' for further details.

 *Please know that due to the particular sensitivity of communication with animals 'in spirit'  these sessions are only available as typed transcripts. Thank you