Details Required For A Communication Session

Two colour photos of the animal on their own.One clearly showing their head and eyes (eyes not red or ghosted). The second photograph showing the animals full body, again on their own. Photos please to be non-returnable. Alternatively clear photocopies or email attachment/word format photos are acceptable.

 • Animals name
 • Age
 • Gender
 • Species/Breed
 • If spayed/neutered/entire
 • How long animal has lived with their person/did live with their person

 • Your name, address/email and telephone contact.
 • 4 or 5 questions for enquiry in the communication.

 • If a certain issue, behavioural or otherwise is to be addressed, please supply just the briefest possible description alongside the questions you pose.  It is my intention that a reading be independant of any prior suggestion and can therefore be impartial and unbiased with its contents.


 animal communication

Communication sessions are relayed either as typed transcripts or via telephone once made


 Fees are for a single session with an individual animal.





The Communication Session

Communication sessions are typically 90 minutes - I hour 50 minutes in duration.  Afterwhich, if the communication transcript is typed in full it takes a further (minimum of ) 4 - 5+ hours of time so to present this in detail. Please see 'AC's/AC with..' pages on this website as to how a transcripted session is presented.  Although an animals immediate conveyance is never altered, in transcribing a session what takes time is putting into words the most accurate interpretations of their emotions & feelings received at any given point alongside their 'word' responses. Emotions & feelings may be recieved intuitively as metaphors, analogies or images; hence the time frame for completion of typed transcripts. Alternatively sessions may be made & then read/relayed to you via telephone from your landline. This typically will then take approximately an hour (in addition to the actual session time) to relay & speak with you about.

Sessions fees are as follows: 

  • Full session, once made, relayed via telephone £ 125 
  • Premium Service: Fully detailed typed transcript of session via post or email  £245

 Please note I do not work interactively over the telephone with sessions as many animal communicators do.

  Transcripts largely read like a regular conversation between two individuals although additionally often portray the emotions the animal conveys at certain points when particular issues are raised. 

 I am always interested to know how a communication has been received or if I may be of help any further & with the exception of particularly sensitive cases I also forward a feedback form regarding your animals session.


 Booking a Communication Session

NB* Kind note: 

Fully Booked. I am sorry no further AC sessions are currently available.

Please forward all the required details/booking form and respective fee per animal.  

Preferred payment method please: Bank transfer, or cheque:

For Bank transfers: please forward your completed booking form and email me requesting bank details.
     Cheques: payable please to Jane Summers and posted to the address below: 

Jane Summers
108 Old Yarmouth Road

NR35 2PG



On receipt of your payment & details your booking is secured. Once details/photos/payment are received I will send acknowledgement of your confirmed booking to you, by return, via post or email.

If your animals situation is of an urgent nature, kindly mark your correspondence accordingly & I will endeavour to prioritise your session. Current time for non-urgent sessions is otherwise approximately 14 -28 days from receipt of payment.

In the event of your wishing to cancel a non-urgent booked session, please notify me within 7 working days (from date of booking acknowledgement) via email or post & your payment will be returned to you (minus any transaction fees incurred via e- payment). Sessions requested to be made within 7 days from receipt of payment (indicated priority/urgent) waive this condition of return, except in discretionary circumstances.

In the event of your notifying me of intended cancellation when a session has already been made, payment remains applicable, with the exception of sensitive discretionary circumstances.

All photographs of your animal companion(s), please, to be non-returnable. Alternatively, emailed or clear photocopies of photographs are equally acceptable.



If you have any further questions please write or telephone me.

Thank you.