Is this possible?

Yes. As curious as it sounds; It most certainly is.

Prompted by questions posed to Species Link; Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication towards both plants and minerals, below are the full length transcripts of telepathic sessions with both a living Lettuce and Sarsen rock.

Extracts from both were included in Species Link Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication

respectively in articles entitled 'Do Plants Have Feelings Too?' & 'Rocks'


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with a

 Living Lettuce

January 16th 2012

Jane Summers, Interspecies Communicator

On reading the question posed by the Voice of Experience column, I felt challenged  to ask an edible 'living' plant 'its views' - through a communication session in the manner I would usually use to connect with animals. After composing a list of questions, I selected a 'living' lettuce - purchased in a pot with roots intact from my local store; & proceeded...

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From a spiritual or energetic point – what are your views on what type of vibration (high or low) do you consider humans eating plants holds?

It is of a low vibration because it is of the physical. If it were of high vibration it would not be of physical essence; the lower 'mass' is of the heavier, physical world – that is not to say it is 'lesser' – being lower – there are all levels & like the rungs of a ladder, each step is invaluable to the 'whole' – a ladder with only top rungs would achieve very little.

Thank you.
How do you, as a plant, feel towards humans who readily eat plants such as yourself?

It is of my purpose.  My very essence is to nourish. I am composed of material of absorption into other beings – we compliment each other [& the thought of how jewellery adorning a body - & considered to be enhancing that body to the individuals personal 'taste'  -is conveyed: of how each individual may vary in what they consider is 'just right for them'... not too much...not too little...or nothing at all...a most personal decision of 'taste'].

Thank you. Can you explain how you feel about this in more detail though?

I feel I am 'here' to do such a 'service'.  I represent as such a microcosm of the macrocosm – a living part of a greater part. And, I as all does,  then continues 'living' albeit in a different way -of form; changed as energy does.  To human eyes, seemingly disappeared, but in essence only 'transformed' in 'reality'.

In our current physical world, it is considered highly beneficial & nutritious for humans to eat certain plants, yet some humans  consider it a 'taking of another's life' & wonder if it is truly spiritually acceptable to do so. What can you tell me of this?

It is of 'a 'taking of another life' yet our incarnations are indeed composed & made up of many previous 'incarnations' & experience(s) each soul has interacted with. Is eating a lettuce then, any more or less than this? No – it is of an experience  like others. And as with life lessons or experiences that a physical body undergoes – it is how the individual responds and or reacts to each interaction that impacts or not upon either 'party'.

Thank you.
Many humans before attempting to eat plants/vegetation will 'ask permission' to so .  Do you consider this necessary?

If it is important to them (the humans) to be as such courteous, it will assist them in finding peace.  It is not necessarily 'necessary'- that is of the human mind.  But of the human mind, to that individual, they may deem it 'necessary'.

And what are your views on humans doing this (asking permission)?

It is of a loving nature to be this way. And the more love generated the more complete the interactions will feel to both parties involved.  Yet it is not to say alternative interactions are untimely. There may be further lessons arising from such interactions for that soul to undergo.

Many humans prior to consuming plants additionally will 'bless' them – do you consider this necessary?

Again 'necessary' or not is of human thinking. To 'bless' a plant is to generate its being with love – of which is, or could be said (to be) of the ultimate 'recipe' for that plant in terms of human food preparation. No higher 'flavour enhancements' on a spiritual level can be done [ 'smiles'].
  It is of the human individual palate that is drawn to disguising a plants true odour, yet in human terms it is  considered to be enhancing it – or better, using it to enhance another's 'flavour'.  Though [ 'smiles'  again] of this, it is again of complimenting another's 'being' albeit other foods/plants- or a humans physical body. It could be said a human body without (consuming)'greens' is like a recipe lacking some vital element or mineral.
 It is part of the 'whole' that each has his be useful.

And what are your views on being 'blessed' prior to being eaten?

Again, it is of love...we have discussed this?

Okay, thank you.
One lady particularly asks: 'According to the plants, is it enough (prior to eating plants) to ask their permission, bless them & thank them for nourishing us?'
What can you tell me of this?

Yes – and to act in this way in general to all interactions – it is part of human 'life'.  How lovely to recognise such gratitude.

I understand & believe from current research that plants are conscious creations & additionally can often register pain – as we would term it. How does it feel as a plant to be eaten?

There is a difference in as such receiving 'malicious' intent to harm - & that of pleasurable assimilation of two individuals interacting.
Pain occurs through mindless manipulation of ill intent. Of eating & appreciating the essence of any plant, there is an energy exchange & essences unite.

Thank you.
What or what else, can humans do -if continuing to eat plants – so to ensure the plant(s) themselves are (as) comfortable as possible on being eaten?

To act & react with kindness, gentleness, respect & it is [whatever the purpose/experience involved & offered by another – it is how a recipients conducted demeanour is – whether welcoming or resenting/resisting –  that can determine how the outcome of the interaction results].

Thank you.
How do you feel of being sometimes only a part of you consumed? Is it preferable for the whole of your physicality  to be consumed at the same time?

I don't mind. If a lover gives you only a little hug, a little kiss – you know the full consummation will occur – it is fine both sooner or later. Left in a state of 'half dress' knowing the lover will return... is fine ['smiles'].

Thank you.
Does it have consequence to you 'how' you are prepared to be eaten, ie, what of cooking you?

Yes. It is as such that 'I'/'we' go 'numb' on cooking. It is of a blander consequence.  The essence may be eaten by the human, but it is as if the energy is less; as if the individual plant has as such wearied, drooped & can't offer up much [comparatively] & like [a person with a sleep debt then not having the same energy (than they would in their prime state) to contribute the next day]. ['smiles'].

And , what of being eaten 'raw'?

Yes. Raw, if  (one can) assimilate (this) – our energy is in its prime then.  Yet some human constitutions are (not evolved) or prepared for such rawness. Modern society has as such weakened digestive processes; too much is generally mashed, pulped synthesised. Whole foods are indeed that – whole foods - in their raw whole state. To be anything less than whole means something has been taken from a thing- & cooking, albeit loss of minerals, vitamins or fibre or substance may be deemed as (reducing a food to) 'less' (than) whole.

If you are brought into a home, but then as such forgotten & your physicality then deteriorates & rots before you are eaten.... from a spiritual point, how do you feel?

That my mission of use was not put to full potential. Yet in the overall scheme of things, there are always other times, opportunities & chances. Albeit different ones. If I, as a lettuce being, is, in this incarnation to simply return to soil mulch, so be it. No doubt my physically classed nutrients will still go on to nourish, if but the soil I fall to. Nothing is wasted.

If I may eat one of your leaves now...can you communicate to me how you feel as I commence this process of digestion & of absorbing your essence into my own physical being?

[There is agreement to this, & so with great care & respect I gently break away a leaf -feel drawn to blessing it -  then place it in my mouth, to eat.

 It is pleasantly both crisp & moist & fresh;  &, taking minimal efforts of mastication due to its size it seems to lose its form almost immediately & so... on swallowing.... it curiously feels very compatible in texture to my mouths own soft tissues.
There is a sense that the lettuce remaining in front of me though is still as such of their own 'being' & of my having swallowed &  taken in simply a 'piece of their kindness'; like a person doing good deeds & that the very acts themselves are then as such tangible things. Too, there is a feeling of a 'phantom limb' phenomena around the plant; & of a knowing  that its leaf of a moment ago now physically removed – is, by the second  growing still  from its base & roots– generating new 'limbs'- albeit leaves – whilst its counterpart digests.
There is a sense of ambiguity & anonymity about the plant still remaining in front of me, as I observe its (apparently motionless) form, yet having communicated throughout this session with it .
It is, just a different species in a very different form to humans. Yet living & with its purpose... all the same].

With Gratitude, appreciation & blessings Living Lettuce.

 Copyright Jane Summers 2012 All Rights Reserved


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A Communication With

Sarsen Rock

 located at Stonehenge England UK
Interspecies Communicator: Jane Summers
Communication: 1st August 2016


Intrigued by 'Voice of Experience's enquiry towards experience of communication with rock. I felt drawn to investigate doing so.  After composing a list of questions, I printed off a clear image of 'a' singular Sarsen rock - one of the famous 'standing stones' of Stonehenge, and commenced communication.


On opening the session, a sense of an 'air-like' essence conveys - of a continuum, & an all pervasive sense of connection, by way of being.

I introduce myself & the nature of my connection.

[The 'voice'  in response which greets me, is in agreement to communicate & of native American-Indian cultural essence. And now, conveying quite as if 'its' 'essence' were an individual 'in the rock' itself. Yet shrouded, (to my perception) by the mass of gray that this particular rock formation outwardly appears as being]

Thank you. Is it possible for me to connect with you as the individual 'singular' rock formation ('standing stone') that you present as being in this photograph?

Yes, of course. [& the response is conveyed cleanly, clearly, and of evenness. And with as if intent to respond exactly to my enquiry, and literally, to my very words, yet nothing more].

However, too - can you 'speak' for all rock of your same geological formation?

No, in terms of personal experience. Yet, as a 'species' - as you, as a person, speak of human understanding.  It is similar.

Okay. Thank you. Can you please describe how you perceive your individuality, as the rock formation you physically present as being, in terms I would understand?

Yes. I am formed of the many energies my existence has encountered and incorporated, both weather wise and interaction with that which is also of physical existence and 'next' to me.  I cannot say that my existence is exhibiting such energies itself . It is, as if a 'sponge', as you would term, in that, I absorb and 'resound' with atmosphere but do not as you humans  'vocalise' or 'cry out' expression of such energies.

Thank you.  However, as we are communicating now, how is that (possible), if you are not able to 'vocalise'?

...You know that !...['smiles'] You are interpreting my energies into vocabulary [& a kindly resonance conveys, yet with a swift incredulity in response to my questioning this].

Thank you. I understand. Aside from your beauty and size, please describe your 'purpose' in being in rock physicality as you are?

To indeed 'ground' the many energies of planet Earth. As the ground, We, I, the ground, the very source of base existence. All else, as such arises from my source.

Thank you. Please describe how you feel energetically in general being a rock in physicality?

As 'myself''.... How would 'you' describe yourself in such terms? [& rock throws my question back to me..]

Mmm. I guess if to answer 'energetically' I would have to respond as and how I feel, or felt, at the time of the question..

['Smiles'] And yes.  Energetically, I would say too, that, 'I' as rock, indeed resonate similarly.  Yet, I know your initial question was with intent to generalise ..[& kindness conveys, though too, with emphasis on the concept of my question being 'thrown back to me'. And further now, as a sense of 'mirroring', and, in that, what 'I' 'give out' is then, indeed, by rock,... likely to be 'reflected' back to me; for my own consideration].

Thank you.  That is an interesting line of thought.  Can you explain to me, more, of how, I, as a person, and you, as rock, 'interact' as such?

It depends upon your energy of the 'time'.  The source, a sense of grounded-ness, is, indeed of a 'bringing-one-back-to-a-base' 'solid' level, from which to reflect and contemplate in the most clearest of ways, as you, in your consciousness can deem to manage. 

Yes, therefore, to ground oneself, is, indeed to bring oneself back to a 'place' of neutrality. A 'place' t'wixt sky and sea and land, if you like. And, from there..whatever is of contemplation or of question, can be addressed by Oneself, as one, in clarity and impartiality.  And too, from your own enquiring of another, you are able to 'firstly' address yourself with such a question. To ask yourself- How would I answer this? ('smiles') You see? And, I, as rock, do 'this'.

Well, thank you, rock.  I will however continue with my pre-set questions...

[A 'smile' energy,and a real sense of gentleness, steadiness,- in a very comforting way, conveys. The energy, to me, as if reminiscent , in recollection of a time in childhood when all was felt to be 'safe', okay and well. Of a time and sense of 'all' being still and steady in the most 'regular' way. And of a surety, that 'it', will 'always' 'be here' for 'me'. Always, will be 'existing' as a steady-here-for-me energy. The essence conveying, indeed, in all ways, of a 'something, or of a someone, being of a or, my,... 'rock' people say].

Thank you.  How does your consciousness, as a rock, differ from that of a persons?

My 'consciousness' as you describe, is, as we have touched upon, 'formed' by interacting energies.  Therefore, I would say, it is not as you, as a person in physicality, act, react and are' driven' by your 'consciousness in spirit'.  'I', as, this 'rock', summon up the energies to reflect those which call upon me to present a source of balance, comfort and response to any thing, question, imbalance, or of requirement to be assisting of another 'find their own balance'.  A rock 'labelled' 'this, or a rock 'labelled' 'that' incorporates the energy it is 'loaded with'.   Therefore, as with grounding, if, I were to as such 'have' my own 'consciousness', then, I would be less than impartial.  That - my 'then' individuality  -would itself, 'require balancing'. You see?

Okay.  Though of the 'energies' you describe as being 'loaded with', are these not then affecting you as a rock, by, way of consciousness of sorts, so that 'you' can respond individually?

['Smiles']. I see your line of thinking.  My responding energetically, is, as you know though not just of my rock physicality but is, of a combination of the 'All-that-is' that has incorporated itself upon my rock 'being'. I then, therefore, 'speak' (convey energetically) from a 'collective consciousness' and not as 'one' singularity.

Okay, thank you. Then, it is, it seems that 'you' are very much of an essence as the 'All as One'?

I would say that is correct. [& the sense of how 'air', 'is', and as presented, on the opening of this communication, conveys again].

Thank you. Can you explain how you, on our opening to this communication said I could convey with you as the individual rock, yet now I understand that in fact you are not really of individuality?

[Gently 'smiles']You asked if you may connect with me as a 'single, individual' rock- yes- and yes, you can.  That is not to say that just because [by analogy, by communicating with one person, that, you are not then connecting with the human race]. You can still communicate with 'one' but that 'one' is of the bigger inference, too. It is just how one 'looks at it' in terms of 'singular' or 'plural' ['smiles'].

Thank you.  My understanding is that rocks and stones may remain as they are, in formation for an infinite number of years.  Does the 'consciousness' of each rock/stone also remain the same during such time ?

I think we have answered this question.  And, yes, in that, the ability for 'collective consciousness' to be exhibited outwardly remains. It will however differ depending upon such energies it incorporates or encounters over 'time'.

Thank you.  Many people in physicality upon approaching or touching a rock formation such as yourself, do not notice any particular energy or change of energy as they do so.  What can you tell me about this?

They then, have not, projected to connect.  Think of a human interaction, but which the approaching energy does not interact or speak as such to the other. It (the other) does not actually then 'respond' unless in some way, energy is exchanged with intent.

Okay. Thank you.  But surely even if no intent is 'put out' to connect, then the persons energy anyway will still have 'influence' on the rock?

It will.  Yet you are enquiring of 'communication' and responding and acknowledging energy?  And, unless one is 'silent in themselves', grounded, and ready in neutrality, the responses of another, no matter the species, may well go un-noticed.

Thank you.  Do you believe that rocks are the same as stones?

Differing degrees of energy absorption is determined by the 'make-up' in formation of the crystalline structures.  They differ, if of differing formation, as to how much they reflect and of the propulsion of differing elements and emotions 'felt' in consequence.

Thank you.  How is a rock formation, on sharing close energetic space or upon physical contact with a person, affected?

As we have 'said', the intention energies put out, will resonate against and, or be absorbed by our being. [& the concept conveys of how, if one is ever communicating with a deeply trusted friend, an individual who may be classed a 'rock' of friendship, to you..that, of how they, will 'absorb' what you say, will 'throw back to you' as if, the question or dilemma, in kindness, but in a way you may well then be able to address more so easily by yourself.  That, a 'rock' is, in many ways a 'sounding board' for oneself.]

Thank you.  What would you like us, as people to know about your existence as the rock formation you are?

We, I, would simply like to remind each and everyone of you, of the importance of grounding, grounded-ness.  And, that, in and of, such a 'place' of stillness, that all answers are and can be found and accessed by oneself.
Those which seek out our formation, those which have long ago celebrated our formation are of that understanding.

  That, we, as rocks, present and represent connection and of a surety, and of a continuum of 'everything'.  And that such reflection upon such reality is, of the essence and 'answer' to any perceived singularity in physical expression.

Thank you. How can we, as people, most clearly 'hear' what you, as rock have to communicate?

It is to be as clear, and as grounded in yourself as is humanly possible.  When all is one, one is with all 'faculties' alert or 'in place'. However, it is then, ironically, (when all is in place) not then so much required that you 'need' to be heard, or to hear of what another 'thinks'; it all just 'is'.  And so, of such a 'place'- and you all, indeed, seek, or speak of any one energy of 'being your rock'- of which this energy then will take on such importance in your physical existence.  And as a sense is felt of 'how can anyone go on without such a 'rock'? Yet, in truth, 'rocks' are everywhere. Yes, everywhere, and in essence as with inferring to another as 'my only rock', it is of a perception and of an intent or desire to 'make' label of their energies to be so.  Yet rocks are everywhere.

Thank you.  As rocks are considered by people to be, in linear years, old as physical existence itself – what can you tell me of how 'new' rocks can come into being?

A 'coming together' of energies is how any 'thing' is formed.  Sediment, time, weather, intent and physical interaction in physically perceived ways.  It is a common occurrence, is it not?

Of course.  Thank you.  How does the energy of your formation alter, if part of you is chipped and so physically is separate from your main physical bulk form?

How do you feel, when a hair falls from your head.... a nail is being clipped?

Okay.  Yet sometimes, a rock can be drastically altered it seems.  And if by analogy as a person, one wouldn't exits if such drastic alteration occurred...

It might, or it might not.  It is all about intent. And, of the soul, if, as you say, you loved a dozen people, would the love you gave out be considered 'split' uncomfortably?

No, not necessarily.  I see...

[& the difference in 'formation' conveys once more; as if by clarifying further (though now, of rock in contrast to human physicality). And that, dependent on which formation is consulted, respective response physically may be determined accordingly. Yet too, that rock, in its way of being, is, still akin to us, in that, on our shedding or clipping hair or nail, the 'piece' of us, 'fractured' off, viewed by microscope, remains of our D.N.A. and same make up. And yet there is no sense of loss from our 'core' being.].

Thank you. I understand.  Do you, as rock formation always absorb the energy of close interaction?

We do.  As you, in human form do too.  Yet is it, it may be said, only of note if one is 'forced' from a place of neutrality; if such an energy then 'throws' off the balance innately achievable by the place of grounded-ness.  The central 'point' of all. The heart of the rock.
[And with this, the word 'note' is further drawn to my attention. A sense now conveying that, as with sound and resonance, that, it is whatever, is 'of note'- and literally, too, that is, if ever, what is of effect.  And that equally, if, or when one is of stillness, -'rock still' and of balance - ones mind, too, is at peace; nothing is 'noted'. Nothing is of concern. No thing. And therefore, all is as one, and not separate.

Thank you.

You thank yourself..['smiles'].



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